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WWE: Raw House Show, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 10th January 2004

 I just got back from the WWE RAW House show at the Halifax Metro Center and thought I’d send along the results.

The Fink came out to Welcome To The Jungle and went over the rules.

1) Steven Richards vs. Test w / Stacy Keibler
Steven Richards makes his way to the ring to begin the show. He reminds everyone that he beat Test on RAW last week. Stacy Keibler comes out to a pop. She says that we’re in Test’s home country and that she’s decided to forgive him. Boy, that’s a coincidence. Test comes out and still doesn’t get cheered even with Stacy in his corner. Stacy distracts Richards and Test hits the big boot for the win.

2) Lance Storm & Val Venis vs. Tomko & Fertig
Venis is set to start the match but a huge “WE WANT STORM” chant starts, so Val tags in Lance. Everytime Venis tags in the “WE WANT STORM” chants start up again. Storm and Venis win with the Heart Attack.

3) Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton vs. Christian
Christian gets the crowd to start an A****** chant at Orton, but it doesn’t last long as even though he is a heel, Orton definitely came off as a big time player. Batista runs in distracting Christian and Orton hits the RKO to retain the title.

4) Fatal Four Way Elimination Women’s Championship Match: Molly vs. Lita vs. Jazz vs. Trish
Jazz hits Lita with the title and pins her for the first elimination. Trish pins Jazz with a crossbody block. With Jazz and Lita out of the way the action picks up. Molly wins by countering Stratusfaction into a suplex and putting her feet on the ropes.

5) Rene Dupree w / Rob Conway vs. Spike Dudley
Conway interferes allowing Dupree to hit a Death Valley Driver for the win. They beat down Spike after the match until the Dudleyz make the save. Bubba, D-Von and Spike celebrate until Jindrak & Cade attack them leading to…

6) Tables Match – Dudley Boyz vs. Jindrak & Cade
Spike distracts Cade and he turns into a 3D through a table giving the Dudleyz the win.


7) Booker T vs. Matt Hardy
Booker gets the win countering the Twist of Fate and hitting the Axe Kick. A pretty sloppy match.

8) Batista vs. The Hurricane
Batista gets the win following a Randy Orton run in allowing him to hit the sit-out powerbomb. Batista & Orton beat down Hurricane until Christian makes the save. Hurricane & Christian do a special ten second Hurri-pose.

The Fink thanks us for coming to the show and introduces the main event.

9) Chris Jericho vs. Kane
Kane sets up Jericho for a tombstone when Trish Stratus interferes. Kane is about to chokeslam Trish when Jericho low blows him and rolls him up for the win.

After the match, Trish and Jericho shake hands, then hug. They argue about whether Jericho should be thanking Trish for helping him win or whether she should be thanking him for saving her from a chokeslam. They say they can’t wait to come back and deliver 100% Stratusfaction guaranteed at RAW IS HALIFAX.

The Metro Center was pretty empty, with the upper bowl tarped off and only half the lower bowl full. I’d say there were only about 3000 people there, which is understandable considering the lack of big names. No Austin, Bischoff, HHH, Goldberg, HBK, Flair, or even RVD and Big Poppa Pump. Not to mention no Teddy Long, which I was disappointed about. Plus the matches were short and while they were solid for the most part, they were unspectacular, with nothing standing out. The crowd was hot for some parts of the show but completely dead for others. The audio was also terrible. The Fink had an awful time trying to get the mic to work. While live shows are always fun, I’m glad I got free tickets because I’d have been disappointed if I paid to see this.

Biggest Pops:
1) Dudley Boyz
2) Trish / Jericho
3) Lance Storm
4) Stacy
5) Booker T

Most Heat:
1) Steven Richards
2) La Resistance
3) Val Venis (for tagging into his match, meaning Storm tagged out)
4) Jindrak & Cade
5) Kane