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WWE: Plans for Rumble Winner (Possible Spoilers)

  • As more and more information and possibilities about WrestleMania XX are released, Vince McMahon is said to be very frustrated with how much info about the event has leaked out. He was said to have blown up in frustration just before Christmas and told everyone in sight to keep quiet about the PPV and any plans they may be aware of.

  • The current plan is that the winner of the Royal Rumble will have a choice to face either the RAW World Champion or the Smackdown WWE Champion at WrestleMania XX as of this report. With what we’ve seen over the past few weeks, this might be how they’re setting up a Goldberg vs Lesnar championship match by having Goldberg win the 30-man Rumble this month. Another idea the WWE creative team is tossing around is having John Cena win the Rumble to face RAW’s Champion, HHH. This would likely put Cena permanently on the RAW roster and make him on of their top babyfaces after WrestleMania XX which will be especially helpful if Goldberg doesn’t sign after his contract expires, leaving RAW with one less babyface.