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WWE: HBK’s contract, Orton/Val, Coach

  • By listening to Coach on RAW and Heat, it’s clear that McMahon alter’s Coach’s natural role as an announcer. Throughout RAW, Vince often tells Coach what to say through his headset. Some wrestlers feel that Vince cares more about himself having fun than the quality of the product the WWE is producing. This is most obvious during segments where Coach harasses Jim Ross as compared to his announcing role on Heat.

  • You might have noticed that when Randy Orton wrestled Val Venis on Heat last week, no women accompanied Val to ringside as usual. The WWE’s reasoning for this was so that Orton’s gimmick as the ultimate ladies man wouldn’t be tarnished by having Val’s women against him.

  • With all the WWE contract negotiations/terminations/extensions/etc taking place currently, we’ve confirmed that Shawn Michaels is signed through 2005.