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Reasons for Wrestlemania Main Event Change; Austin in favour of new style

– A lot of speculation has been growing in and around the WWE with regards to the planned Shawn Michaels – Triple H – Chris Benoit Championship match at Wrestlemania.

The WWE has shown a lot of concern with the weak reaction Benoit got at the Royal Rumble and at Raw the next night.

However, the main reason appears to be the ever dropping business of House Shows. Vince McMahon believes that a three way match gives them more potential matches for house shows; ie Benoit – Triple H, Benoit – Michaels and Triple H -Michaels.

McMahon hopes that with more variation at House Shows, business will pick up.

– Steve Austin has been very vocal and supportive about the WWE’s new ‘slowed down’ in ring style. A lot of the midcard and younger workers see this as a bad thing, as the current and older main eventers won’t have to pull out any ‘big’ moves to stay over, whereas the younger talent has to resort to high risk, hard hitting stuff to get/stay over.