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The UK Pitbulls Interview

This week I had the chance to catch up with one of the UK’s top tag teams, The UK Pitbulls. Fresh of a European tour Dave and the Bulk share their thoughts about the UK Wrestling Scene and much more…

This week I had the chance to catch up with one of the UK’s top tag teams, The UK Pitbulls. Fresh of a European tour Dave and the Bulk share their thoughts about the UK Wrestling Scene and much more.

You have both been successful in tag team wrestling and singles wrestling – which do you prefer and why?

Tag Team, but singles can make a change, we prefer tag because of the variety of double team moves and more action with 4 men involved.

In May you are featuring in the come back EWW show how are you looking forward to working in EWW and continuing your feud with the New Breed?

No, we will be in Austria for EWA, we will still be involved with EWW, but at a later date.

Yourself and The New Breed have lead the way in the UK over the last few years in tag team wrestling in the UK have you seen any promising tag teams coming through the ranks on your travels?

Colminers, Dirk Feelgood & Jonny Phere

Very recently you appeared on your first wZw show and faced the Nattrass Boys, how did you that go, and will we be seeing you on any wZw future shows?

We hope to work for WZW again. The match was ok, and we got to beat up the entire roster after the match!

Also on the 25th January you competed with the FCW Promotion in Europe, representing the United Kingdom in a six man tag team match, how did that go?

Absolutely MAD! Crazy fans, crazy moves, crazy gimmicks – we loved it!

You have enjoyed success with many UK Promotions such as FWA, BRAWL, K STAR, SCW and many more, which have you enjoyed working with the most?

WAW has always been our first home and we still work regularly for them, we enjoy working for most others, currently the French promotion ICWA has been very good to us.

What are your thoughts about up and coming UK promotions claiming to be the “Next Big Thing”, do you think the UK Scene needs them, or are they damaging the image that others have created?

It is always good to have new blood on the scene – it means more work, but a lot seem to be a flash in the pan.

You two were both planned to appear on X Wrestling’s debut show ‘Revolution’, however the management released you, how did this come about?

Well we never signed anything or worked for them at all – so how can we be released from nothing! I can’t see this going ahead but if it does – good luck to them.

Do you think the UK Wrestling Scene will ever be able to compete with larger promotions in North America?

No, not enough money/backers and no TV deal. If this were to happen, then yes, as the UK has equal or better talent than the US.

At this moment of time, who do each of you think is the best UK Wrestling talent in the country?

It is hard to say one person, so it is between Zebra Kid, Jonny Storm, Doug Williams and Flatliner (for sheer entertainment value, he is No.1)

You are one of the most successful tag teams in Britain at the moment and have accomplished many things, is there anything left that you haven’t done but want to do?

Eat a pie whilst orbiting the Earth in a pink mk 2 escort van.

You have toured the United States and Europe on several occasions, what have been the highlights from these tours?

So many, including TV tapings in Tennessee, all you can eat buffets, visiting a haunted house in France with X-Dream and Jonny Storm, hanging out backstage with RVD at a RAW show in South Carolina, and loads that cannot be mentioned!

You have toured North America and Europe if an offer came on would you be interested in working in Japan like many UK stars have?

We would love to work in Japan.

You have been involved in several media appearances, what was it like to appear on MTV’s Dirty Sanchez??

It got us lots of publicity – not always good.

What does the year 2004 hold for The Uk Pitbulls?

We have some more foreign bookings coming up, lots of UK dates, more DAM shows to promote and hopefully we will regain some titles.

Any final comments?

Any fans wishing to donate food/beer to us at shows, please do so, as all donations will be gratefully received. Thanks to all the fans who support us, the promoters who book us, and all the marks who hate us – you have helped us in ways you will never know.

Once again thanks very much for your time, if you would like to find out more about The UK Pitbulls please visit their official website at:


(Questions supplied by myself, Adam Sibley and the members of Talk Wrestling Online Forums)