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WWE: No Way Out LIVE Results

Welcome to W101’s live coverage of No Way Out. Feel free to join us in the chatroom to discuss the events tonight.

This page will be updated as the night progresses with the top coverage anywhere on the net.

– Heat saw Tajiri, Akio and Sakoda defeat Billy Kidman, Ultimo Dragon and Paul London after Tajiri pinned Dragon. I must say at this point, the arena isn’t even near full.

– PPV kicked off with the Playboy gals Torrie Wilson and Sable hyping the pay per view and stating the SmackDown stars would do anything. Not really much point, except to hype Playboy I suppose.

– Bashams and Shaniqua vs Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi is first. Ok match-up, lots of quick tags. Highlights saw Shaniqua break up a Worm, and the typical isolation of the smaller Scotty, leading to the “hot tag” from Rikishi. Kish sets up a Bonzai Drop on Shaniqua but is thwarted by the Bashams. The end sees Kishi finally hit it on Shaniqua for the 1..2..3! Scotty and Rikishi retain the tag team titles. Not an awesome match but nothing awful. Around a 4/10 from the chatroom users.

At this point, Goldberg hasn’t turned up yet.

– Jamie Noble vs Nidia is next. Charles Robinson handed Noble the blindfold, but Noble took it off, prompting the ref to force it back on. Nidia was in control for most of the match, and danced for a fair amount of time too. Ending saw Noble lift up his blindfold and pull Nidia off the top rope, making her tap out to a variation of a dragon sleeper. Jamie Noble wins. Nidia is out cold. Worthless match.

Kurt Angle interview. John Cena interupts. A brawl ensues.

– APA vs TWGTT is up. Loud APA chants. Isolation on Farrooq as is the typical tag team formula. Working on his arm. Tag to Bradshaw. Clothesline from hell on Haas. Superkick from Benjamin. WGTT win. Surprising result.

Goldberg has finally arrived. Laced with security as well. I guess that ticket he received had more perks than we thought. Paul Heyman is out, selling his spear. Goldberg will be arrested if he interferes. Uh huh. Here comes the pain. Goldberg doesn’t flinch. Lesnar provokes Goldberg, but Heyman wants him to stay in his seat. Lesnar pushes Goldberg over the edge. Goldie is in the ring. Lesnar attacks him but is jackhammered for his troubles. Heyman screams for security and they take Goldberg quietly aware. Fans all over both men in the desired way. Gotta love how they play his music even though its a SmackDown PPV and he just got taken away. Hardcore Holly comes down and chases Lesnar away. Man, Brock is selling some tonight. I always said he was the WWE’s best seller.

– Hardcore Holly vs Rhyno. Fair brawl. Quite a number of irish whips in this one. Top rope suplex from Rhyno can’t put Holly away. I expect Holly will win. Rhyno GORES him out of the ring. Holy gets back in. Alabama Slam for the win. I knew it. Hardcore Holly is your winner. Ok match.

Rey vs Chavo is next. Three matches left, and under two hours to go. But first, an Undertaker promo airs. 28 days to go.

– Chavo Guerrero wins the Cruiserweight title from Rey Mysterio. Slow paced, but long, and credible. Easily the best match so far. Jorge Paez got sent away early for knocking out Chavo Sr. Sr ended up costing Rey the match by knocking him off the top rope. Chavo rolled him up and got the win and the title. Good match. And added a lot of credibility to the title. Much needed.

– Triple Threat match is next. Big Show dominates early. Control shifts throughout the match. Kurt Angles Angle Slams Big Show over the top rope. Impressive. Kurt Angle makes John Cena tap out. Kurt Angle wins.

– Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE championship. Slow paced start. There’s just under an hour to go. Plenty of time for a 30/40 minute match. Lesnar takes control, but Eddie manages to fight out of it on several occassions. Quite a lot of Goldberg chants. Few Eddie chants too. It’s been a good half an hour in this one. Goldberg returns. Spear to Brock. Eddie makes the cover but Brock kicks out. F5 countered into DDT on the belt. Frog Splash connects. 1… 2… 3!!! EDDIE WINS!!!! We have a new WWE champion.