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FWA sign exclusive deal with The Wrestling Channel

Press Release:

The Frontier Wrestling Alliance is proud to announce that on March 4th 2004, a five-year contract was signed to make the FWA the sole and exclusive UK promotion on the new Wrestling Channel.

The deal, which has been in the works for over twelve months, will incorporate many different facets of the FWA.

Alongside the FWA’s weekly television show, viewers can expect to find everything from highlights of FWA main shows, FWA wrestler profile shows, FWA Unsigned, and FWA home shopping.

Over the coming year, there are even plans for a fly-on-the-wall documentary series, as well as sit-down interviews with imported foreign talent.

The deal is exciting news for both the FWA and The Wrestling Channel. For over five years now, the FWA have strived to bring the best homegrown talent into the living rooms of wrestling fans around the United Kingdom on a regular basis. The signing of our first national weekly TV slot is a huge landmark for us as a company.

Everybody at the Frontier Wrestling Alliance would like to thank the wrestlers, staff, and most importantly the loyal fans, that have helped to make this vision a reality.