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The Zebra Kidd responds to the FWA

Press Release

The following is an official press release from The Zebra Kid, in response  to Ricky Knight’s recent statement on the FWA website, _www.frontierwrestling.com_ (

“I have listened with interest to what the old man (Rick Knight) has been saying regarding his reasons for costing me the FWA title on two occassions and he is talking crap.

Yes he trained me, help make my career, put me where I am today, but  loyalty works both ways and I have been loyal to him and WAW, losing out on  numerous tours in the process.

Yes he did phone Alex at Talk Radio but it was to get recognition for WAW  as much as it was for me. I dont think for one minute he expected things to turn out so well with FWA and he can’t stand that I done it without his help, he was hoping I would fall flat on my arse and run back to WAW. winning FWA gold would  help open doors for me, the old man knows it, but I tell him now I
will be FWA  champ and he is not going to stop me.

As for the match I have read some sh*t about me not being stiff, cause it’s my father, thats bollocks, if anything I will be stiffer than ever, I will give  nothing, cause I know the old man won’t. He will want to humiliate me to prove something to FWA and its fans, all I say is bring it on Rick Knight cause on the night being my dad will go out the window.”