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UK Scene #132

Short and sweet this week folks as I have too much going on at the moment, especially with preparations for my show, having to step up gear is fun for a wrestler, but I wish I was doing it now…

Short and sweet this week folks as I have too much going on at the moment, especially with preparations for my show, having to step up gear is fun for a wrestler, but I wish I was doing it now.

Yup, Friday the 30th July will be KSW’s Deadly Alliance 2; hopefully it will be as jam packed as it was last time at St. Teresas. However, I may be doing this extra training for nothing as Eyez has picked up a nasty injury and will be out for a few months. I know my tag team Cypher is ready to go at Wyld Kaos, so I will state a public challenge to them, are they men enough to face both of us? Having said that, I’m not 100% comfortable with a person who finds pain amusing! We will see Mad Dog Maxx defend his belt against the massive Kade Callous, as well the full show debut of Marcus Kool. For those who don’t know Marcus, he isn’t the biggest of lads but his technical skill and high-risk manoeuvres have surprised many an opponent, he’s a great worker and I think the guy will go far.

A place that I am very fond of is Great Yarmouth, I do enjoy running around the sea front tanked on loopy juice after a show, though the accommodation is cheap, don’t expect much if you are staying. The reason I mention the place is that WAW will be invading on the 26th July. I’ve already mentioned how good WAW are at promoting their events and I am almost tempted to do the 4 hour trip to get there. However, I think it really is a case of being there at the time, but I do envy that audience, book a gig Birmingham way WAW please!

It’s nice to see FCW pushing up the ante recently, not only did I hear about FCW advertisements on TCW, but also some of the stars were on Kerrang FM July 20th. I’ve always said, if one promotion can get the message out that UK wrestling is here, is cool and a great night’s entertainment then they are doing a great thing for the rest of the scene. I am actually umming and ahhing about going to Under Siege on 25th July as I enjoyed the last FCW show I visited and with Robbie Brookside appearing there, yet another great move by FCW I might add, I am sorely tempted to go. I’ll just have to see if I turn up, as I was intending on seeing another show.

I haven’t heard or seen much on FWA for this month, mostly due to my ever-tightening deadlines and schedule. It is a shame as I do like to watch them, but it appears that Doug Williams will be returning to the company on 31st July to star in the aptly named FWA live. Does strike me as odd though that FWA talk has, well, died down recently, from my perspective anyway, hardly anyone talks about them nowadays. I hope their TV show popularity is not affecting their live performances, though that is just a comment on a fear on my part rather than actual fact. I am the first one to admit that I would love to see a major UK tour involving the cameras, it would certainly get the punters talking again.

UKPW have been very quiet recently when it comes to my inbox, sorry guys if you took my previous comments about your mails as not loving to see what you are up to. I sincerely apologise, in fact, I felt that you cared about what I, as an individual, thought and that makes a great wrestling company. I think UKPW has a lot to give to the UK scene and the more they send me, the more I can comment upon.

SCW are holding a bash on the 25th July in Erdington, and to be honest, I am interested in going to this show, as they sold it well on TWO, it really is a toss up between them and FCW, so we’ll see on the night. Unfortunately Barry Malone has suffered an injury that has prevented him from performing on the night, I wish you a speedy recovery Barry, I know I’d hate to be injured, don’t come back too early, despite the temptation!

That’s about it for the week I’m afraid, Goldy will be with you next week with her view of the goings on in wrestling, I will be back with my next tenet.

All the best


UKPW have contacted Saracen with their news, after he submitted this article 🙂