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3CW "Lord of the Ring" Results

3CW “Lord of the Ring” Results

3CW Lord of the Ring
August 15th, Ennis Square Social Club, Dormanstown

200+ crowd, fans being turned away at the door. Dormanstown was hot for the return of Three Count Wrestling with the big Lord of the Ring tournament and a main event 2 out of 3 falls match up!!

Lord of the Ring tournament: First Round

Lance Thunder defeated Brother War with a Superkick in 11 minutes

Jayson Mayson defeated The Shooter with the One Hit Wonder in 6 minutes

Dave Styles defeated Chris Cannon in 10 Minutes
*Chris Cannon destroyed Styles after the match with 2 Piledrivers and 2 Omen’s.

Eric Canyon defeated CJ Hunter in 14 Minutes

6 Man Tag Team Match Up
Chris Whitton, Kid Ritchie & Malice Mascarado defeated Billy Grange, Dan Evans & Jonny Love in 17 Minutes

After the Intermission a Raffle took place where one lucky winner won £20, a lucky second place winner won a Family ticket to the next Three Count Wrestling show at the Synthonia Club in Billingham on Friday the 17th of September where the main event is the winner of Ice XVII and EdEn Vs Conscience with both the 3CW Championship and the NWA Scottish Championship on the line and 3rd place won a 3CW T-Shirt signed by all of the Wrestlers.

After the intermission the Lord of the Ring Semi-Finals were meant to take place. But Ice XVII came out to introduce his body guard Vincent D. White, Ice XVII put out an open challange to any Wrestler in the back saying Vincent D. White could beat any of them.. GBH came out to accept the challange!

GBH defeated Vincent D. White in 8 Minutes

Lord of The Ring: Semi Finals

Jayson Mayson defeated Dave Styles with the One Hit Wonder in 2 Minutes

Lance Thunder defeated Eric Canyon in 7 Minutes

*CJ Hunter came down to the ring to attack Eric Canyon following the match, Canyon got the upper hand and chased him backstage.

Then Jayson Mayson came down to the ring and said he didn’t want to wait till the main event, he wanted Lance Thunder RIGHT NOW. He then called Lance Thunder not “Pure Sex”.. but “PURE SHAM” saying that he’s a joke and a fraud.

Lord of the Ring: Final

Jayson Mayson defeated Lance Thunder in 11 Minutes with a roll-up with his feet on the ropes. Lance Thunder was busted open with a Slingshot into the turnbuckle early on. This was a back and forth match up, it ended after Lance got a 2 Count with his trademark spinebuster, he went for a second one which Jayson reversed to a Neckbreaker, Jayson then nailed a One Hit Wonder, which he had won both previous matches with.. but Thunder got out at 2… Jayson then hit a second one, but Thunder got his feet on the ropes. Jayson then went for a Third one, but Thunder sent him into the turnbuckle and followed in, but Jayson got a rolling School Boy roll-up and got his feet on the ropes for the three.

*Following the match Andy, Lance’s brother complained about the feet on the ropes, Thunder not knowing about this asked Jayson to shake his hand. Respecting him for the victory. Jayson asked the fans whether he should shake Lance’s hand, and they agreed that he should. So Jayson did.. and then kicked and nailed Thunder with a Third One Hit Wonder! Then.. Adam Brown ran down to the ring and took Jayson’s head off with two big clotheslines. Jayson then went to the back as Brown helped Thunder to his feet, raised his arm and then helped him to the back.

Three Count Wrestling Heavyweight Championship Match
2 out of 3 falls match up
Ice XVII defeated EdEn 2 falls to 1 to retain the Title with the final fall coming from a Sharpshooter in 29 Minutes

Following the match Ice XVII and EdEn shook hands as Ice XVII goes on to face Conscience at 3CW’s show at the Billinghman Synthonia Club on the 17th of September