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UK Scene #135

Hey everyone, welcome to this weeks edition of the now famous UK Scene column! I’m writing this feeling very tired after watching last nights Summerslam, yes, as it was the biggie in the WWE calendar I’d thought I’d make the effort! It wasn’t a bad pay per view, but the Canadian crowd seemed to want to boo anything that moves! Not that we fans in the UK would ever do a thing like that…

Hey everyone, welcome to this weeks edition of the now famous UK Scene column! I’m writing this feeling very tired after watching last nights Summerslam, yes, as it was the biggie in the WWE calendar I’d thought I’d make the effort! It wasn’t a bad pay per view, but the Canadian crowd seemed to want to boo anything that moves! Not that we fans in the UK would ever do a thing like that…

I’m also suffering with a swollen face, looking not unlike the elephant woman, thanks to a nasty tooth abscess! But you haven’t come here to read about the WWE or my face (I really miss my cheekbone!) so we’ll concentrate on what I know best that being the wonderful world of British wrestling.

Let’s start as ever with the FWA! This week it’s been announced that not only is Spanky heading our way for the Hotwired 2004 weekend but we also have the pleasure of Colt Cabana and Steve Corino back on British shores! Corino returning makes a lot of sense as he needs to complete his long standing feud with Alex Shane.

When I read the rumours a few weeks ago that the other American Indy star appearing at Hotwired would more than likely be Colt Cabana I was crossing my fingers that this would be true and it seems to of paid off!

I met Cabana the last time he was over working for the FWA after his match of the night against CM Punk. Not only is this guy charismatic, friendly and funny he is also one hell of a wrestler! Putting on a great performance in the ring as well as being a true gent out of it.

Hotwired 2004 is shaping up to be an excellent weekend of wrestling as the Americans are working both the 4th September show at the Morecambe Dome and the 5th September at the Broxbourne Civic Hall and with FWA regulars in the shape of Doug Williams, Alex Shane, James Tighe, Zebra Kidd on the card as well you can’t go wrong!

Don’t forget Jonny Storm has now returned to UK action wrestling for WAW this past week, so you can bet your life he will somehow be involved in Hotwired in some capacity! I’m still hopeful It’ll be against Spanky, fingers and toes crossed once again!

The box office number for Hotwired is 01992 441946 and fans are advised to book tickets early as demand is sure to be high. For more details and ticket prices please visit

Speaking of the FWA, the FWA Academy are holding a show this Friday and Saturday (20th and 21st August) I won’t go into to much detail as there are two excellent preview of the shows which have been posted on our newsboard, be sure to check them out.

Future Shock Wrestling made their debut in Stockport last weekend with from what I hear the trainees were impressive putting on a really good show! With FWA regulars Alex Shane, James Tighe and Doug Williams also on the card, it’s a shame I couldn’t make it up for this show. Hopefully I’ll get to check out the said trainees for the next Future Shock Show.

As Saracen mentioned in last weeks column D’Lo Brown is also heading our way, working for both wZw and FCW, this is fabulous news for me as I’m a loyal fan of FCW and will now finally be able to ‘get down with the Brown!!’

This week FCW have announced the venue for this very show featuring D’Lo that being ‘The Saddlers Club’ in Walsall, West Midlands. I’ve never been to Walsall before but as it’s by a train station travelling fans have no excuse whatsoever for not being able to find this venue! See you all there on November the 2nd which is a Tuesday. Tickets cost just £8 and can be ordered now on 07950956777 or by emailing [].

FCW have also thrown open a poll to find out who YOU want to face the awesome D’Lo, so if you want him to go one on one against your favourite FCW star, vote now.

Whilst on the subject of FCW they have a show this Friday night at the Collingwood Centre, Great Barr in Birmingham where Jack Storm gets his opportunity to win gold with a title match against ‘Sensation Of The Nation’ Rob Hunter! Here is the rest of the card, also featuring the lovely Cameron Knite!

  • FCW Title Match –
    “The Sensation Of The Nation” Rob Hunter vs Jack Storm
  • Spud vs A-Star Athlete
  • “Tomcat” Kevin O’Neil vs Cameron Knite
  • Laken Xander vs Falcon
  • Dragon Phoenix vs The Judge.

The doors open at 7pm for a 7.45pm start time, tickets cost just five pounds each. You can pick up your ticket on the night or you can phone 07950 956777. For more information on FCW please visit

BHW held their Evil Intentions show this past Friday in Leicestershire. The show went well, but I must mention the fact that everyone’s favourite ‘Bird Of prey’ Falcon, got his backside handed to him by a girl! Well done Angel Gonzales! Sorry Falcon but I couldn’t resist that!

I’ll touch more on Falcon later as I’ve received my DVDs from WAR this week, with the Best of Falcon being one of the DVDs I was privileged to receive! From what I’ve seen so far its absolutely awesome but you’ll have to check back to Wrestling 101 where I’ll be doing a full review of it later this week.

Now I’m pleased to announce that WILD Promotions are returning North of the border with two shows being announced for September 3rd and 5th respectively. These shows are a treat for Scottish fans as they are being held in Forfar in Angus which must make a nice change for Scottish fans.

The details will be in the TWO newsletter as will all the results of the shows that have been mentioned thus far. With talent such as ‘The Guv’nor’ Carl Conroy, Justin Richards, Stu Pendous & Allan ‘The Terminator’ Grogan, Stu Odyssey, Five Star Flash, Dave Mercy, Jamie Impact, Stu Nattrass, Jay Phoenix, ‘Thee’ Drew Galloway and not forgetting Forfars own Shaun Harkin on the card, these are shaping up to be two excellent looking shows.

The latest United Kingdom Pro Wrestling event to take place in the New Forest is just three weeks away. You can expect an action packed night of professional wrestling on Friday September 3rd when the UKPW Superstars return to the Waterside Theatre in Holbury, Southampton.

The Main Event for September 3rd was made this week and will feature ‘The Atomic Ant’ Anton Green taking on popular Hampshire based Superstar Andy Simmonz in a match that could go either way. More matches are to be announced in the upcoming weeks. featuring Ethan Hayze, Stevie James, Aaron Jason, Chris Wyld, Eamon O’Neil and others. Also, Marcus ‘The Toad’ Hiscott is scheduled to make an appearance at the Waterside Theatre on September 3rd. Marcus recently suffered a dislocated shoulder and a fractured collar bone during a match with Chris Wyld. For more details visit

K-Star are holding a training seminar this Saturday the 21st of August. It will run from 2:00pm until 4:00pm and the cost will be £25:00, applicants displaying successful qualities will be asked to stay on and join an intensive course designed to help you to become a pro wrestler! Telephone Matt Powell on 07749974713 book your place, or simply e-mail [].

As I mentioned earlier on in this column when I was talking about Falcon losing to the lovely lady Angel Gonzales, did I mention that? lol, anyways WAR’s next show entitled Anarchy is on September the 4th at the Lawrence Sheriff School in Clifton Road, Rugby. This show features all your favourite WAR stars including WAR title holder Spud, Jack Storm, Falcon, Spin Doctor, Luke Phoenix, The Judge, Young Dragon, Jack London and Sk8 as well as many more. Including a riot match as well as two title matches and a 10 man Battle Royal for the number one contendership to the WAR Title it looks set to be another solid show from WAR. For further information on the club, including details on joining WAR, maps etc, E-mail them at [].

This Sunday (August 22nd) see’s GPW in action at the British Legion in Leigh. I’ve got the opportunity of a ticket so I’m hopeful I will make this show! Don’t forget on the card is the wonderful Mike Quackenbush, veteran and head trainer of the Chikara Wrestling Factory in Philly making his debut in the UK. Mike goes up against the UK’s TJ Cain. Also on the card is a street fight and not to mention every UK fans favourite wrestler Spud versus El Ligero, so should be very interesting to say the least! Here is the full card:

  • British Title Match: Damon Leigh vs. Heresy – Street Fight
  • ‘Lightning’ Mike Quackenbush vs. TJ Cain
  • Joey Hayes vs. JC Thunder – No.1 contendership to British Title
  • Spud vs. El Ligero
  • 4-corners Elimination Tag Match:
    Damage Control vs. WKD vs. Fullpack(wzw) vs. 2 GPW:GT Graduates
  • Minx/Carbon(wzw) vs. Roxi/Jack Hazard.

Tickets cost just £5 and for more info feel free to check out the GPW website at

That’s everything to bring you up to speed for this week, don’t forget to check the weekly newsletter for any lots more upcoming show information and results. Saracen will be back with you next time with his take on the UK wrestling scene, I’m off to try and track down some antibiotics and have a well-earned rest. Thank you all for reading and hopefully I’ll see you at the shows!