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3CW Live In Billingham – This Friday, 17th September

3CW Live In Billingham – This Friday, 17th September

NWA Scottish Title Vs 3CW Title THIS Friday

Three Count Wrestling LIVE at Billingham

The address:
Billingham Synthonia Social Club
Belasis Avenue
TS23 1LH

3CW Heavyweight Championship
NWA Scottish Championship

Conscience (SWA) Vs Ice XVII (3CW)

“Conscience is coming” Online Sermon here!

Ice XVII’s message to Conscience

It’s Champion Vs Champion and Title Vs Title in the Main Event, as 3CW Champion Ice XVII puts it all on the line against SWA’s “McPhenom”, the mighty Conscience! Not only that, so confident is Conscience of defeating 3CW’s “Canadian Hero” that he has agreed to put his NWA SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIP on the line in the match, meaning assuming Conscience indeed remains the Champ at the time of the event, the winner of this match will walk out with BOTH Titles! Conscience, who holds a recent victory over British Wrestling Legend Drew MacDonald in addition to his recent NWA Title victory, seems to be mighty confident (wanna see for yourself? see his online sermon!), but Ice should not be underestimated! The two time and reigning 3CW Champion may not have been well liked in his 3CW history to date, but he holds victories over the likes of Jonny Storm and EdEn, and recently came out of a brutal war with Lance Thunder with the 3CW Title in tow. Indeed, a shot at the NWA Scottish Title could be the defining moment so far in Ice’s career so far, and one would think the Billingham crowd, despite their differences with the “Canadian Hero”, would be willing on their 3CW Champion to bring the Scottish Title South of the border! Either way, calling this one of the biggest if not THE biggest match in 3CW’s history so far is not understating the point!

“The Pigman” Andy Hogg (SWA) Vs “Pure Sex” Lance Thunder (3CW)

The “Notorious P-I-G”, “Snoop Hoggy Hogg”, and the biggest cult in British Wrestling is making his way to Billingham to make his 3CW debut, and the North Eastern crowd are in for a treat as the “Pig Man” Andy Hogg faces off against former 3CW Champion Lance Thunder! Hogg, a flamboyant, over the top showman (with a perchant for the colour pink) may love to play mind games with his opponents, but he is also a fine and experienced wrestler, recently having fallen just short of taking Majik’s NWA UK Junior Heavyweight Title from around his waist at SWA Rebirth. The Pigman will be looking to score a victory against 3CW’s young prodigy Thunder, and indeed, in 3CW circles, it’d be a huge victory in his debut encounter. For Thunder, however, victory over Hogg would be one of the biggest results of his young career, and he will be well aware of this fact going into the match. Will Hogg be able to outfox (outpig?) Thunder, or will we see Thunder set about putting himself even further onto the map with a huge victory? Find out in Billingham!

“Cutting Edge” CJ Hunter (SWA) Vs Eric “The Fist” Canyon (SWA)

All SWA and 3CW fans are extremely familiar with the wars these two men have had in 2004, and on the 17th of September 2004 in Billingham they’ll be attempting to settle it once and for all! They stole the show at Golden Harvest 2004, they excelled at Storm Warning, and were a huge part of a barnstorming tag team encounter at 3CW’s Scottish Invasion show. Most recently, they topped themselves once again, putting on a classic in the Quarter Finals of 3CW’s Lord of the Ring Tournament. One thing, of course, remains consistant: CJ Hunter has NEVER defeated Eric Canyon. The cocky “Cutting Edge” superstar has proven that he has the skills to back up his bad attitude, but he has really gone too far now, distracting Canyon during his Semi Final encounter with Lance Thunder, some would say causing the eventual loss. Certainly Canyon thinks so, and now the challenge has been laid down: Canyon Vs Hunter, in 3CW, one more time! Will Hunter achieve a defining moment in his career and finally defeat Canyon, or will he once again be frustrated by “The Fist”? Either way, this is likely to be a show stealer!

Chris Cannon (3CW) Vs “The Porn Star” Dave Styles (3CW)

They don’t come much more personal than the rivalry between the ever popular “Porn Star” and the sadistic Chris Cannon. After holding a long term dislike for each other, things came to a head at the Rivertown Riot, as Styles scored a clever victory over Cannon at the end of the Gauntlet Match. Cannon, ever the sportsman, brutally attacked Styles following the match, leading to a big grudge match at Storm Warning! The match itself was intensely fought and hard hitting, with Cannon scoring a victory over the brave Styles after a devestating Tombstone piledriver. Not only that, Styles saw fit to then brutally attack Styles’ second NICOLA after the match, chokeslamming her almost through the ring! Styles, outraged by these heinous actions, took it out on Cannon at the Scottish Invasion show, scoring a hardfought victory to, it may have been assumed, settle the score. At Lord of the Ring, however, the two were drawn to go at it once again in the Quarter Finals of the Tournament, a match that Styles ONCE AGAIN scored the victory in, leaving him 2-1 up over his foe in pure singles competition. Cannon out of resentment and jealously then viciously laid waste to Styles, hitting two leathal piledrivers and beating him down. Styles had to be helped to the back; suffering a neck injury, he was advised not to compete in against Jayson Mayson, the eventual winner, in the semi finals, but he went ahead anyway, and sadly did not have the firepower to emerge victorious, his injuries taking their toll. You can just guess who Styles blames, and come the 17th, don’t expect this one to be pretty – it’s going to be a WAR!

Tickets are £4 for Adults and £3 for Children, it is also £12 for a family ticket, which must include at least 2 Children.

Tickets will be on sale at the door, but we advise prior purchase. You can buy the tickets from the venue or at the website

More matches will be announced prior to the show as 3CW and SWA Superstars Brother War, Billy Grange, “Pop Sensation” Jayson Mayson, Malice Mascarado and “Wild Thing” Adam Brown are all set to appear!!