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FWA News Update

‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane has been sacked as Managing Director of the FWA.

FWA shareholders told Mr Shane he had been relieved of his duties today after the results of a disciplinary hearing held last week were published.

The report of the FWA disciplinary board has been made available to and it says the following: “This disciplinary board believes that Mr Shane seriously abused his status as figurehead of the company by launching a physical and verbal attack on the boxer Danny Williams at FWA Hotwired.

“Mr Shane’s disgraceful behaviour towards Mr Williams, an invited guest of a fellow management team member (FWA Commissioner Flash Barker ) and an individual held in high regard within the public eye, has brought the company into disrepute.

“Although this board recognises Mr Shane’s mitigation that his actions brought our company to unprecedented national attention, they have nevertheless been a source of embarrassment to the FWA.

“This board also notes that what happened on September 5 is not an isolated incident and that Mr Shane has been warned in the past for using his powers as managing director for questionable means.

“Mr Shane’s position as head of the company is now untenable and he has been relieved of his duties with immediate effect. However, he will remain an active wrestler on the FWA roster.

“Long-standing FWA official Elisar Cabrera has been appointed acting Managing Director of the FWA until a permanent replacement can be found.”

Alex Shane has not made any comment on the decision at time of going to press. But knowing The Showstealer, we at do not expect him to stay silent for long.

In a related news item, Alex Shane’s defeat to Steve Corino at FWA Hotwired means there is now some doubt over his status as the number one contender to ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams and potential challenger for the FWA British Heavyweight Title at FWA British Uprising III. We will bring you more news on this story as it develops.

AJ Styles contacted FWA management this week after hearing confirmation of the date for British Uprising 3.

The Phenomenal One put in a request for a rematch on the show against James Tighe , who defeated him by disqualification in controversial circumstances at FWA Vendetta – in a match seen this week on FWA TV on The Wrestling Channel (Sky Digital, channel 427).

Styles, arguably the top independent wrestling talent in the world today, also requested that the match be fought under 30 minute Iron Man rules. The American argued that this stipulation should ensure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the best man would emerge victorious without any controversy.

After deliberation, FWA management has granted AJ’s request and the match was finalised just yesterday. So to confirm, the second match finalised for British Uprising 3 on Saturday November 13 will pit AJ Styles against James Tighe in a 30 minute Iron Man match, where the most decisions within the half-hour time limit will hopefully decide indisputably who is the better man.

Styles v Tighe joins the FWA Tag Team Title match pitting champions Hampton Court against the team of ‘The Shining Light’ Stevie Knight and ‘The Specialist’ Mark Sloan as the only matches yet confirmed for British Uprising 3.

Recently FWA officials ordered a ‘cooling-off’ period in an attempt to quell hostilities between warring father and son Ricky Knight and The Zebra Kid. Unfortunately time apart has failed to heal all wounds and understands that the bitterness between the two men has only intensified since they were left off the FWA Hotwired card.

We understand that the FWA front office has been inundated with phone calls from both men demanding that a match be signed for British Uprising 3 so they can settle their differences once and for all.

Given the violent nature of the Knight-Zebra match at FWA Vendetta, management are taking advice on whether to proceed with signing a rematch and any special stipulations which may need to be implemented. So as of yet, no announcement has been made on a possible Ricky Knight-Zebra Kid rematch on November 13. As always, we will keep you posted.

The initial announcement of the location for FWA British Uprising 3 on Saturday November 13 will be exclusive to the Fighting Talk column in The Daily Star newspaper. Read the news first by checking out Patrick Lennon ‘s regular wrestling column this coming Saturday (September 18).

We will announce the venue right here on later that day.

This week’s episode of FWA TV (Friday nights on The Wrestling Channel, 9pm, repeated during the week) will feature matches from FWA Vendetta – held on July 25 at the Broxbourne Civic Hall.

You can see Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton take on Aviv Mayaan and the explosive Father versus Son match pitting Ricky Knight against The Zebra Kid.

STAY TUNED Our next news update on will be this Saturday (September 22). Keep it here!!