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Latest IwW Shows Results

Latest IwW Shows Results

Venue: St. Michaels Hall, Cootehill, Co. Cavan.
Date: Sunday Sep 19th, 2004.

* ‘The Ladies Hero’ David Zero pinned Brain Roche

* Irish Dragon defeated Fireboy

* Joey Cabray pinned Danny Demento

* Alex Breslin beat Red Vinny in an ‘Inter-gender’ Match

* ‘Master of Disaster’ Darragh Galligan pinned ‘Middle Man’ Lee Butler

* Red Vinny won a 15-man Battle Royal..other particapants were: Darragh Galligan, Fireboy, Mad Man Manson, Joey Cabray, Alex Breslin, George Cabray, Danny Demento, Irish Dragon, Bam Katrazz, Ace Card Jones, Burning Spirit, Shae O’Leary, Brain Roche and David Zero.

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