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Latest RBW Video/DVD Released!

Revolution British Wrestling’s latest video/DVD title has just been released exclusively at European Wrestling Videos.

The title features the recent event from Finchley, London on Saturday 25th September 2004, which saw a great line-up of wrestling talent in some quality wrestling contests.

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Revolution British Wrestling
Finchley Sea Cadets, Finchley, London
Saturday 25th September 2004

  • “Sadistic” Jack Storm vs Tex Benedict (British Heavyweight Championship Tournament Qualifier 1)
  • Party Boys – Morales & Dragon Phoenix vs Swift Justice – Falcon & The Judge
  • Johnny Kidd vs “Golden Boy” Cameron Knite (British Heavyweight Championship Qualifier 2)
  • Sammy Ray vs Flaming Red
  • Stixx vs “New Breed” Ashe

Formats – VHS (PAL) and DVD Region 2
Editing – Fully Edited
Camera Angles – Multiple
Picture/Sound Quality – Original
Duration – 2 Hours Or Under
Prices – £6.00 (VHS), £7.00 (VHS w/Case), £10.00 (DVD w/Case)

Saturday 25th September 2004 saw the first Revolution British Wrestling live event to take place for two months, following a brief hiatus spent to make various improvements on the overall promotion.

With a new larger RBW wrestling ring, wrestler entrance, lighting and sound systems among many other changes, RBW came to Finchley in North London for the first time, in front of an extremely lively and vocal audience.

The local newspaper, the Hendon and Finchley Times, showed their support to RBW, by writing an article about the hometown wrestler in the main event on this event, that being Finchley’s very own British Tag Team Champion, Stixx.

The bill featured the beginning of the British Heavyweight Championship tournament, with two qualifier contests being held. The event also featured the full debut of three new wrestlers.

MC – David Browne
Referee – Andy Quildan

Report written by David Barkham.

Tex Benedict (London, Arizona, USA)
“Sadistic” Jack Storm (Birmingham)
British Heavyweight Championship Tournament Qualifier 1

Tex Benedict was first to make his appearance (with a new haircut may I add!), yet the Arizona native didn’t make many friends within the crowd, his cocky attitude really got on the people’s nerves, with him even claiming that George Bush runs the UK! No stranger to the sound of dislike, Jack Storm unusually got a very good reaction as he made his way into the ring.

Tex was motivated to aggravate the crowd more as he began insulting the United Kingdom over the microphone, then further singing the American National Anthem. Tex Benedict offered Jack Storm to put him out of his embarrassment of being beaten by an American and tried to bribe Jack to lay down so Tex could pick-up a victory without having to use any effort at all.

Jack did lay down, however when Benedict went to make the cover, Jack pulled out a small-package roll-up which surprised the American but got a 2 count from it. The action got under-way as they began their battle inside the ring, Tex used his cocky arsenal of moves to keep control of Jack Storm however during the match this was not enough to keep Jack Storm from fighting back. Jack Storm was missing his usual aggression during this match, which may have been his downfall. Tex focused on Jack’s arm throughout the match. At one Point Tex got annoyed by the crowd’s reactions of his moves and then decided to climb the turnbuckle and hit a legdrop onto the arm of Jack Storm. Jack Storm did attempt to make a comeback in his will to win which resulted in Tex taking a very high impact powerslam yet only got a two-count.

In the end Tex did get the win by cheating with his feet on the ropes, and advanced in the tournament, not a popular winner by a long shot!

Morales & Dragon Phoenix (Dudley & Northfield)
Swift Justice – The Judge & Falcon (Rugby & Rugby)

As Judge and Falcon, collectively known as Swift Justice, made their way into the ring, it became apparent that they didn’t like the Finchley crowd. Morales and Dragon Phoenix made their entrance to ‘Do the Conga’, with Morales looking confused by his tag partner, who was dancing for the fans in a very comical wig. Dragon did hand Morales a ‘Pimp’ style hat with a pink feather boa to wear and Morales surprisingly went along with it!

Bell time came, and the Judge didn’t want to start the match with Dragon Phoenix, he wanted to start the match off against Morales. Morales got the tag as he and Judge began showing a test of strength. The match had some great moments including a flip by Dragon Phoenix off the turnbuckle to the outside onto the Judge and Falcon received a shocking hurricanrana from Dragon Phoenix near the end of the match.

Morales and Dragon Phoenix pulled off a victory and intrigued the crowd with further dancing, Morales followed Dragon Phoenix ‘Conga’ style to the backstage area. This annoyed the Judge and Falcon further more.

Johnny Kidd (Luton)
“Golden Boy” Cameron Knite (Wolverhampton)
British Heavyweight Championship Tournament Qualifier 2

Johnny Kidd and Cameron Knite showed a lot of respect for each other through this match, with technical skill and agility was used by both men. Johnny Kidd used his knowledge of holds to try and hold down Cameron Knite yet Cameron was able to find ways to escape the holds which Johnny seemed very impressed with.

The crowd seemed impressed with both men as this wasn’t the first time they had locked-horns, being that this was a Qualifier match for the Championship Tournament, they both had their own ways to try and outsmart the other man.

Cameron Knite was pinned by Johnny in the end, yet there was still no intention of dislike from either of these great athletes. Cameron was leaving the ring when Johnny took it into his own respect to ask Cameron back into the ring. Johnny said how Cameron was a great wrestler and how he was pleased to face such a future star. Johnny raised the hand of Cameron Knite as the crowd applauded both men for their sportsmanship.

Sammy Ray (Chelsea, London)
Flaming Red (Tower Hamlets, London)

Flaming Red made his cocky strut to the ring as he didn’t seem bothered by the way he was treating the crowd. Some young children seemed to really get on his nerves (why do ginger people hate children?!). When Sammy Ray made his entrance with Weeman, the crowd was excited to see somebody who could possibly shut the mouth of Flaming Red.

Sammy got a overwhelming reaction from the crowd all the way through the match. Weeman got noticed by Flaming Red and at one point, he chased Weeman around the ring (why I ask? They’re just children jeez!). Flaming Red decided to target the knee of Sammy Ray.

The crowd on more than one occasion was cheering for Sammy to fight back and he managed to hit a clothesline to take Flaming Red to the outside of the ring, Sammy got momentum however Flaming Red jumped onto the top rope and then hit a moonsault to the standing Sammy Ray which took both men back to the canvas.

Sammy really got the crowd on his side and this bothered Flaming Red as in the end we saw Sammy Ray hit a top rope elbow drop to the other end of the ring to pin and pick up the clean victory over Flaming Red.

Stixx (Finchley, London) (British Tag Team Champion)
Ashe from The New Breed (Chingford, London)

Stixx definitely had the advantage by being the hometown boy, the reaction he received when he entered the building said it all. The usually popular Ashe unfortunately didn’t end up as popular, with a portion of the fans clearly feeling their loyalty was with Stixx.

Headlocks and takedowns where traded by both men. Stixx hit an offensive slam to Ashe, to gain a near-fall. Ashe made a comeback, and at this point he decided to attack the legs of the over 6’4 foot powerhouse from Finchley.

The crowd supported Stixx, yet Stixx was still in trouble as Ashe locked in a figure-4 leglock to further punish the legs of Stixx.

Good logic from Ashe but this wasn’t enough to keep the big man down. Stixx managed to get Ashe into an abdominal stretch. His aggressive side showed a little here as he used to the ropes for leverage which made the move more painful for Ashe.

During the closing minutes of the match, Stixx put Ashe in position for a high impact move, yet Ashe incredibly managed to counter it with a hurricanrana on Stixx, yet Stixx countered himself, by rolling through the pin, and pinning Ashe down long enough for a three-count. The crowd went crazy for Stixx and some fans where even jumping around ringside.

In what was a strange twist to events, following the Southern Alliance and New Breed matches recently, Stixx and Ashe shook hands, to the applause of the audience. The question is, what does this mean for both wrestlers now?

Report written by David Barkham.