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IWF Results – Gateshead – 2/10/04

Press Release

IWF in Gateshead, 2nd October 2004

4th Anniversary Show

After celebrating four years of the Independent Wrestling Federation, Bobby Jackson was officially stripped of the IWF Tag Team Tiles due to injury suffered by his partner, Hot Ed.  The main event was named as The Avery Brothers v Assassin & Jimmy Blade.


RD Wood v Max Heat

These two, arguably the top two competitors in the IWF Junior Academy met one-on-one for the first time in a match that saw Heat crowned the new champion.  The challenger, realising he could not compete with Wood on the mat, spent much of the match in the air.  After surviving the Shockwave (Suplex/Rock Bottom) from Wood, Heat became the new IWF Junior Academy Champion following a Liger Bomb.

Winner – Max Heat


Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson v ‘Deckham Radgy’ Paul Dalby

Junior Academy member Dalby was offered the chance to step up to the next level by tangling with submission expert Liam Atkinson.  Despite entering an impressive performance, the Deckham Radgy came up just short, falling victim to the Player’s Bridging German Suplex.  Although he lost, Dalby showed great promise for the future, almost taking victory with his Radgy Star Press (Standing Shooting Star).

Winner – Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson

Lee Kyle called Jed Masters to the ring and told the ‘Bad Boy’ that he was barely worth the attention of the leader of the ‘Lee Kyle Experience’.  He then introduced Masters opponent…Kamala’s #1 Fan.

‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters v Kamala’s #1 Fan

The somewhat strange Kamala’s #1 Fan offered little competition for Masters, tapping out to the Masterpiece in under a minute.

Winner – ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters

Kyle then introduced another opponent for Masters, in the shape of Lee Kyle Experience member Chris Prime.

‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters v ‘All The Time’ Chris Prime

Gifted flyer Prime fought Masters to a close run contest, bamboozling the popular powerhouse with a variety of aerial techniques.  Eventually, however, Prime became frustrated when Masters kicked out after the ‘Prime Time’ Shooting Star Press, allowing the Bad Boy to take advantage and hit his patented Masterclass for the three count.

Winner – ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters

His plan seemingly rumbled, Kyle came up with a plan B, introducing another opponent for Masters, this time Harry Pain.

‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters v Harry Pain

Exhausted by this point, Masters managed to blister the chest of Pain with some stinging chops but was unable to mount much other offence.  Harry Pain unleashed a variety of devastating moves but the Bad Boy hung in, managing to roll a shoulder on each occasion to avoid defeat.  Eventually, Pain earned a third public warning, and despite making Masters tap to the Hall of Pain Cloverleaf, was disqualified.

Winner – ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters

Seeing Masters barely able to move, Kyle took the opportunity to announce himself as his fourth opponent of the night.

‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters v Lee Kyle

With his opponent virtually immobile, Kyle slapped on his Mamba Choke for a barely deserved choke-out victory.

Winner – Lee Kyle

Masters eventually made his way to his feet and challenged Kyle to a bout on November 27th, when the IWF return to Gateshead.  Kyle accepted, on condition that Masters, who had taken an incredible beating, passed a drug test.

Emma ‘Phoenix’ Anderson v Angel & Courtney Synn

Phoenix, who’s scheduled partner had been ‘mysteriously delayed’ agreed to take on Synn and Angel in a handicap match.  Although she managed to cope quite comfortably with her opponents on a one-on-one basis, the IWF Women’s Champion fell victim to the numbers game when, after hitting her ‘Phoenix from the Flames’ Death Valley Driver on Synn, she was rolled-up and pinned by Angel

Winners – Angel & Courtney Synn

Jed Masters returned to the ring with his urine sample, and to much laughter threw it in the face of Lee Kyle.  A shocked Kyle then accepted the match on 27th November.

‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson came to the ring for his scheduled Ring of Faith title match with Weapon X.  However the champion informed him that he would not be getting a title shot tonight, and would never get one unless he could defeat Nick Damocles.

‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson v Nick Damocles

The debuting Damocles dominated the former Tag Team champion with variety of hard-hitting power moves before working over the left leg in an attempt to prevent Jackson from hitting his 450 splash.  Eventually though, the mysterious newcomer realised why they call Jackson unbreakable, when Jackson, with his leg clearly bothering him, climbed to the top rope and hit the 450 to earn a hard fought victory.

Winner – ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson

Weapon X then declared that he would defend his title, and declared his opponent ‘The Ultimate Challenge’


Weapon X v The Ultimate Boog

The Ultimate Boog (Boogie Knights in a surprisingly convincing Ultimate Warrior costume) turned out to offer very little in the way of a challenge for the ROF Champion.  It seemed as though the brutal Weapon X could have beaten the challenger before he did.  After a monumental beating, Boog was eventually put out of his misery with a top rope splash.

Winner – Weapon X



The Avery Brothers v Assassin & Jimmy Blade

IWF Champion Assassin and his powerful cohort Jimmy Blade spent much of the match attempting to stop Shaun Avery making the tag to his well-rested brother Youngsta.  Eventually though, the tag did come and the match began to break down, with each man hitting one of his patented moves to great effect.  Assassin attempted to finish off the match from the top rope, but was sent crashing to the outside when Blade was sent flying into the ropes.  A Shaun-ing Wizard and a springboard Moonsault from Youngsta later, and the Averys were two-time IWF Tag Team Champions.

Winners – The Avery Brothers