Future-Shock By Scott Future

Future-Shock #23

In the new edition of Future Shock, Scott shares his memories of being backstage at the WWE, talks about his upcoming matches for Children in need and lots more…

With all the hoopla regarding the WWE being in the UK recently, it brings back memories of my day with the WWE. During the process of gaining a Degree in Multimedia Journalism, yours truly was granted access backstage for a UK Rebellion Pay Per View. I bring this up, because unless you have been around the WWE in this way, you never really get an understanding of how hard the WWE wrestlers have to work.

I have come across many wrestling journalists and so called wrestlers in the UK who are quick to disparage the ‘work rate’ of WWE wrestlers. Let me tell you that wrestling 300 dates per year, all around the world, is quite a work rate regardless of your feelings for their technique in the ring. Whatever you think of the WWE, they do pack’em in. I recall being at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham and I don’t know how things are now, but at that time there was a great morale backstage.

Just one of the priceless moments I saw that day was a rib Bradshaw played, where he helped himself to the Godfathers shades and jewellery, and proceeded to walk around backstage dressed as the ‘pimp daddy’ himself.

The WWE, as I saw, and have been privy to many times since, is a huge operation, and believe it or not, it really is about entertaining you guys as much as possible. Sure there are ego’s, but at least some of them are warranted, unlike some of our lesser known UK athletes with inflated ego’s to compensate. Few would argue that the WWE is indeed the ‘Big Show’ of the wrestling world. Although it is a strange state of affairs when a British based show, in Britain, will always play second fiddle to the American based shows.

Back home, B.R.A.W.L. are putting ego and profits aside on their ‘Children in Need Tour’. I’m looking forward to the next 3 weekends out on the road, covering a good part of Britain once again. My opponent this Saturday night will be my old nemesis Jem ‘MTX’ Brown. Staunch British wrestling fans may be aware that we faced off for RBW in 2003 after I won a 3-man tournament to become number one contender for his British Mid Heavyweight Title.

After a lengthy battle I took the title home, and shook hands with MTX. He is however, an unpredictable, strong wrestler and I am sure he will be eager to avenge his 2003 defeat at my hands. MTX was gearing up for his rematch with me for the title back in 2003 when I was controversially and illegally stripped of the title when disqualified in a match with Blondie Barratt. I’m sure he’s more than ready for it now. For those interested, Ill be working B.R.A.W.L. on the 16th and 23rd of October.

The following weekend Ill be in Reading for NCW, more on that soon.

It’s interesting to see that RBW are making full use of the logo I created for them recently. I was alerted this week to large banners, video and other media all containing the concept that I came up with for the promotion. It’s nice to see my contribution to British Wrestling has no limit, and that RBW are benefiting from my creativity! I spoke with a former RBW promoter recently who is making plans to create another British based wrestling entity, and was pleased to be one of the first people to be called upon for advice. I have no plans to promote, for now I’m on a certain path with the wrestling.

Catch you next time,

Scott Future