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FWA Academy Results – Portsmouth – 15/10/04

FWA Academy  Results –  Portsmouth –  15/10/04

It was announced tonight that the Academy will have a weekly show airing on the Wrestling Channel (Sky Digital Channel 427) on Tuesday nights at 8pm. The shows will begin airing on Tuesday 26th October.

1) Mark Sloan & Ollie Burns vs Spud & Jack Storm vs Mills & James (Winner of decision to advance to No 1 Contenders Match) (Losing team must split)
Sloan looked to have the win secured for the EntouRAGE pairing, covering Dan James following a Tomorrow Driver. However, the referee rightly refused to count, as Sloan wasn’t the legal man. However, the team of Sloan & Burns were ultimately successful, after Ollie Burns hit a second Speci-Driver on James, and put his fallen leader Sloan on top of him. Resultingly, Sloan pinned Dan James (even though he didn’t know much about it) and advanced to the Number One Contender’s Match to be held later on the show.

2) Aviv Maayan vs Alan Gallagher (Winner to advance to the No 1 Contenders Match)
As always, with fellow EntouRAGE member Tyrone Johnson at ringside, Alan had an unfair advantage in this one – that was until Aviv’s quick thinking led to Gallagher inadvertently knocking Tyrone down at ringside. With the match now fought one-on-one, Aviv was able to trap Gallagher with his SackSlide pinning combination, and thus advance to the Number One Contender’s Match.

Max Voltage then came out to address the crowd. Max stated his disgust at Mark Underwood’s actions last month, and labelled Underwood as a ‘thug’. Voltage declared his intentions to gain revenge against Mark in a month, whether Underwood was successful in his Title match with Eamon Shrahan or not. On the subject of the Title, Max, without a scheduled match, offered an Open Challenge to anyone in the back – the winner earning the right to compete in the later Number One Contender’s match. The unknown Mark London accepted the challenge, making his debut.

3) Max Voltage vs Mark London (Winner to advance to No 1 Contenders Match)
Mark London had an extremely impressive debut, but didn’t exactly endear himself to the crowd with his attitude. Max was able to advance to the No 1 Contenders Match however, pinning London with the patented Max Factor.

4) Dan Head vs PJ Black (Winner to advance to No 1 Contenders Match)
PJ Black looked to have snapped out of his losing streak, having hit Head with a devastating pumphandle slam onto his knee. Dan was somehow able to kick out at 2, and PJ, after forcefully complaining to the ref, headed up top. Head crotched PJ on the turnbuckle, and trapped his feet in the ropes. Dan then lept from the vertically adjacent corner, nailing PJ with a Diving Headbutt. Inevitably, this kept PJ down for the 3, making the Number 1 Contenders Match a 4-way between Mark Sloan, Aviv Maayan, Max Voltage, and Dan Head.

5) Rajah Ghosh vs Stixx
After the interval, the match between Rajah Ghosh and Stixx was about to commence when Academy Champion Eamon Shrahan came out. Acting in direct retaliation to Stixx’s forced stipulation on Eamon and Rajah last month, Eamon declared that Stixx would have one final shot at his Academy Title should he defeat Rajah. However, should Ghosh beat Stixx, Stixx would be forced to leave the Academy. As with Stixx’s stipulations last month, Eamon’s stipulations would be accepted by Stixx by way of starting the match. Stixx was jumped by Rajah before he could reject this challenge, and the match was underway. Stixx looked to have gained a decisive advantage when Raj injured his arm and shoulder on the ringpost, and like a shark to blood relentlessly honed in on this injury from then on. Eamon Shrahan taunted Stixx with the belt when he looked to have Rajah trapped in a submission; and with the referee trying to deal with Eamon, Shrahan dropped the belt in the ring. Rajah knocked Stixx down with the belt, and pinned him for the win – putting Stixx OUT of the FWA Academy. Eamon, Rajah, and just about everyone in attendance happily sang goodbye to Stixx.

6) Tom Langford vs Steve Bellenger
Two new faces did battle next, as Tom Langford took on a very intimidating Steve Bellenger. Bellenger was dominant at times, and was able to record a victory. Bellenger hit a half nelson/reverse powerbomb maneouver, and then applied a boston crab with a full nelson locked in on Langford, forcing him to tap out.

7) Aviv Maayan vs Mark Sloan vs Max Voltage vs Dan Head (Number One Contenders Match)
The action was fast and furious in this four-way, which interestingly pitted tag partners Dan Head and Max Voltage against oneanother. The two reluctantly did battle, putting their team to one side for the night. Several near falls took place, but the end came with Aviv and Max left in the ring due to Dan Head and Mark Sloan fighting on the outside. Aviv set Voltage up on the top rope, but Max was able to counter Aviv’s attempted offence and nail a Max Factor from the top on Aviv, and pin him for the win. Max Voltage is now the Number One Contender for the FWA Academy Title. All four men showed respect for eachother at the match’s conclusion.

8) Eamon Shrahan vs Mark Underwood (Academy Title Match)
Eamon looked set to defend his Academy Title successfully in the earlygoing, but Underwood fought his way back into the match, and the two looked even when Underwood was able to hit his TKO. With Eamon clearly defeated, Underwood shockingly pulled up Shrahan at 2. Underwood beat the living hell out of a clearly helpless Eamon, and hit a number of suplexes on the near-prone body of the Academy Champion. When Underwood hit a 2nd TKO, the referee was forced to stop the match. As worried Academy staff and wrestlers raced to the ring, to get Eamon to the back, Mark Underwood was crowned the 4th Academy Champion. Underwood is the youngest wrestler to have ever held the Title.

Another quality Academy show, the next Portsmouth show being held the day before Uprising III on Friday November 12th.