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IWF Show Report – Jarrow 20th November

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IWF Review – Jarrow 20th November

Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson v ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson
Submission specialist Atkinson took this one to the mat in an attempt to wear down the legs of the on form Bobby Jackson.  Eventually, ‘The Player’ was able to execute his patented Piledriver, but was dismayed when Jackson managed to roll his shoulder just before the three count.  In the end, ‘The Unbreakable One’ managed to shrug off the pain in his leg to drill Atkinson with his Jackson Drive and a lariat.  One 450 Splash later and Bobby Jackson continued his impressive winning streak as he heads towards what seems to be an inevitable showdown with Ring of Faith Champion Weapon X.

Winner – ‘Unbreakable’ Bobby Jackson

IWF owner Eric Scarboro came to the ring and informed the Tag Team Champions Pain and Prime that if they lost their two singles matches against the Avery Brothers, they would have to put their belts on the line in Gateshead on the 27th November.

Harry Pain v Youngsta

Pain started the match strongly, but Youngsta soon found his momentum and assaulted the Tag Team Champion with some of his trademark power moves.  Youngsta looked set for victory after a Blue Thunder Driver but the referee allowed himself to be distracted by Prime climbing onto the ring apron.  Nevertheless, he managed to complete his half of the deal when he pinned Pain following a TKO.

Winner – Youngsta

‘All The Time’ Chris Prime v Shaun ‘The Storm’ Avery

Prime surprised his more experienced opponent by keeping the match fast paced and managed to hold the advantage for much of this encounter.  However, Shaun managed to bide his time and wait for an opportunity to exploit.  After Prime missed the Prime Time II (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press).  Avery hit a lariat to claim the victory.  As a result, The Avery Brothers will get a rematch for the IWF Tag Team Championship in Gateshead on November 27th.

Winner – Shaun Avery

Jimmy Blade v Pac

Pac, who has never previously wrestled somebody with the size of Jimmy Blade, spent much of the match attempting to figure out a way to deal with the henchman of IWF Champion Assassin.  Eventually, Pac took to the sky and caught Blade with an incredible plancha.  Unfortunately, he was not able to capitalise and when he missed one high-risk move too many, his experienced opponent spiked him with a DDT to take the decision.

Winner – Jimmy Blade

Max Heat and Flinn Dakota v Special Edition (RD Wood and Jonny Hogarth)

Junior Champion Max Heat took charge of his team as they double-teamed Hogarth almost to the point of defeat.  Eventually RD Wood managed to make the tag and was able to get the better of his opponents.  With all four competitors in the ring, the referee lost control, however, Special Edition managed to dominate due to their superior teamwork.  In the end, the former champion RD Wood pinned Heat after a Powerbomb/Reverse DDT double-team.

Winners – Special Edition

‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters v Edgar Stryfe

Stryfe, an MPW competitor making his IWF debut, found out what many before him now know, and that’s not to exchange chops with ‘The Bad Boy’.  Stryfe did manage to subdue Masters by using his size advantage, but Jed managed to take the popular victory when he reversed a powerslam attempt into the Masterclass.

Winner – ‘Bad Boy’ Jed Masters

Lee Kyle v Nick Damocles

Kyle, hated elsewhere but very popular in his hometown, suffered a back injury early on and, having decided to fight on, must have regretted the decision when Damocles brutalized his back with a variety of backbreakers.  Eventually, with the crowd on his side, Kyle rallied with a series of hard strikes and his ‘Go-Go Gadget Lee’ (M.Bison).  Although Damocles kicked out, Kyle was soon able to apply the ‘Mamba Choke’ for a hard fought win.

Winner – Lee Kyle


Assassin v Nero

Nero (From MPW not the former IWF star of the same name) was brought in as a surprise opponent for the hated champion in an attempt to beat him in an aerial match-up.  However, although the challenger came close from time-to-time, it always seemed as though Assassin had things under control.  So it proved, Assassin took the win after a Pumphandle Contract and IWF owner Eric Scarboro must go back to the drawing board as he attempts to find somebody to take the IWF title from around his waist.

Winner – Assassin

IWF News and Notes – 22nd Nov

IWF return to St. Joseph’s Hall, Gateshead on Sat 27th Nov.  Bell time is 7pm and the show is free, except for a donation the Children in Need. 

Matches announced so far are:

Lee Kyle v Jed Masters

Avery Brothers v Pain and Prime

Max Heat v Little Dragon v RD Wood v Boogie Knights

…More will be announced on Wednesday.

Weapon X has a knee injury, which is why he did not defend his belt in Jarrow; the injury is also expected to force him to miss the Gateshead show.

Although it was nice to see Lee Kyle play by the rules in Jarrow, he soon reverted to his old ways after the show when he got involved in what has been called ‘an altercation’ with Jed Masters.  The two were separated and their feud comes to a head in Gateshead.

Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson is said to be very concerned about his recent losing streak and has been studying tapes to try to figure out what he is doing differently.  Certainly the former Junior Champion has not found the transition to the heavyweight ranks to be as easy as he hoped and he has yet to record the big victory that would take him to IWF main event status.

Assassin was victorious on his return to Scotland recently and Bobby Jackson also made his Scottish debut on the show.  Congratulations go to him.

Assassin and Jed Masters both returned to Kent for IPW this weekend, I will inform you as to how they got on when I know myself.

Due to time constraints, a review of this months Junior Academy show will appear in the next ‘News and Notes’.

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