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FWA British Heavyweight Champion ‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane certainly seems to have his hands full at the start of this new year.

Shane’s first major problem is the menacing and persistent threat of Ulf Herman . Sources close to the champion say he has spent the festive season constantly looking over his shoulder, concerned that his arch-rival may try to attack him again at any minute. After Ulf made his shock return and assaulted Shane in the middle of his championship match against ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams at British Uprising 3, tensions increased two weeks later at Gold Rush when extreme measures had to be taken to stop Herman from again attempting to tear the new champion apart. The hated rivals not only had to be housed in locker rooms at opposite ends of the Broxbourne Civic Hall, but also while the Shane- Burchill match was going on, Ulf had to be locked in his dressing room under guard to stop him interfering. Then after Shane defeated Burchill, he was immediately escorted from the building by FWA Security (at his own request, it appears) to keep him away from the furious German.  In addition, we understand that Ulf filmed a series of backstage promos at Gold Rush for FWA TV, where he expressed his utter contempt for ‘The Showstealer’ and thirst for revenge in the strongest manner imaginable. Unfortunately for Ulf and his legions of fans, it has been decided that these segments will never go to air, such was their profanely violent verbal content.

In the aftermath of Gold Rush, Ulf’s frustration appears to have boiled over completely. Not only has he a burning desire to even the score with Shane, but he also has the added annoyance of a developing rivalry with Doug Williams. The mutual enemies of Shane were so preoccupied with each other during the closing moments of the Gold Rush that Jonny Storm was able to oust both of them to win the event, preventing either of them from securing the number one contendership to the FWA Title and leading to a war of words between Herman and Williams backstage after the event.  As FWA management have since reiterated that Ulf can’t get a shot at Shane unless he beats a leading contender, this seems to have pushed Herman completely over the edge. We at learned this week that the maniacal monster bombarded the FWA office with profanity-laden phone calls from Germany over the Christmas period, threatening all kinds of grievous bodily harm to Shane when next they meet.

We understand that Alex Shane himself has been talking of heightening security around him, so concerned is he that Herman may attack him at any time as he prepares to defend his FWA Title against Jonny Storm at New Frontiers on Saturday February 26. The champion also appears to be continuing his legal manoeuvrings in an attempt to keep Herman away from him. Having already used his leverage as champ to request that all FWA Title matches revert to best of one-fall, instead of best-of-three, he is now demanding the right to sit in on management meetings. Sources close to The Showstealer say that he intends to use his power to get into the next FWA board meeting on January 15, when the FWA British Title ‘one fall or three fall’ debate will come to a head, and when a decision will also be made on how to deal with the Ulf Herman crisis.

Meanwhile, our sources also claim that Alex Shane is showing a remarkable confidence about his upcoming FWA British Title defence against Jonny Storm. There is speculation that this could be because Shane has enjoyed a close friendship with ‘The Wonderkid’ in the past and knows exactly how to beat him. Or perhaps complacency is setting in, as Shane is sidetracked by his preoccupation with Ulf Herman. Either way, ‘The Showstealer’s almost dismissive attitude towards Storm – who undoubtedly is an extremely serious threat to his crown – is rather unusual.

Certainly the champion has a lot to worry about as we enter 2005 and await further developments on the Alex Shane saga.


Top overseas talent Chris Hero has signed to make his debut appearance for the FWA at New Frontiers on February 26.

The smooth technician currently residing in Philadelphia, ranked number 41 in the recent Power Slam 50 of the world’s top wrestlers, is known as one of the toughest grapplers on the US indie scene and renowned for being one of the sport’s true Iron Men.

Hero, who has waged war in scores of gruellingly classic battles in CZW and IWA Mid-South, has asked management for the chance to test his skills in a singles match against one of the top names from the FWA roster when he competes at Broxbourne Civic Hall.

Officials are said to be considering their options when it comes to naming an opponent for Chris Hero and we will bring you news as soon as we have it.


The FWA is pleased to announce it will be returning to the Southbury Leisure Centre in Enfield, Middlesex, for three dates in 2005. They are on Saturday May 7 (the day after Carpe Diem), Sunday July 31 and then a special first-ever FWA Matinee Show on Sunday November 20 (the day after Gold Rush).

The FWA is still in negotiations to add more dates to the 2005 calendar so please stay tuned to upcoming updates for more information.


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Fans of Jack Xavier will be pleased to know that he is now out of hospital after suffering a hairline fracture of the skull when he was attacked backstage by a mystery assailant, thus preventing him from competing in the Gold Rush.

Although Jack is healing and making good progress physically, he has not yet been medically cleared to return to in-ring action and it is unclear exactly how long he will be out for. Sources close to the Brummie Bad Boy also say that he is mentally very down at the moment, having missed out the opportunity to win the Gold Rush and get a shot at the FWA British Heavyweight Title, especially as he had drawn an extremely favourable entry number into the battle royal, and also considering all the other in-ring disappointments Jack had to contend with in 2004 – namely his losses to Alex Shane and failure in yet another quest to win the All-England Title from Hade Vansen.

Meanwhile, despite extensive investigations and interrogations of all FWA staff members who were at Broxbourne on the night of November 28, acting FWA Managing Director Elisar Cabrera appears to be no nearer discovering the identity of the attacker. Sources close to Elisar claim he was banking on CCTV footage of the backstage area, where Jack was attacked, being made available by the Broxbourne Civic Hall for him to scrutinise. However, the venue management are apparently claiming that the CCTV videotape from that particular evening cannot be found.

We will keep you posted on this bizarre and slightly disturbing situation, and also on the condition of Jack Xavier, in future news updates.


The FWA is pleased and proud that two members of its roster have been booked to compete at The Wrestling Channel’s Supershow: International Showdown , on Saturday March 19 2005 at Coventry SkyDome.

They are former FWA British Heavyweight Champion ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams and current number one contender to the FWA British Heavyweight Title, ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm.

International names announced for the TWC Supershow thus far include the one and only Mick Foley, Raven, Petey Williams, AJ Styles, Sonjay Dutt and a match pitting old rivals CM Punk and Samoa Joe.

More members of the FWA roster are expected.