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RBW Show – 5th February – Chingford


Revolution British Wrestling

Ryan Hall, On the corner of Chingford Mount Road/Larkswood Road, Chingford, London, E4

Saturday 5th February 2005
Doors Open at 7.30pm. Event Begins at 8.00pm. Show Ends at 10.00pm.

Saturday 5th February sees the beginning of a great year for British wrestling, especially for the London borough of Waltham Forest, with Revolution British Wrestling beginning a full year of monthly events at the Ryan Hall in Chingford.

Wrestling in Chingford, along with RBW’s events in Finchley, make up the only regular events to take place in the whole of North London, and with regular events already announced plus the excitement of some new venues to be announced soon, it looks like 2005 will be a great year for any North London wrestling fans.

The first event of 2005 in Chingford plans to kick off with a explosive start. At this event, fans will see a British Middleweight Championship match between the reigning Champion, “Misfit” Jorge Castano against the debuting international star, “Wonderkid” Jonny Storm. On top of that the local tag team from Chingford, Ashe and Curve, collectively known as The New Breed, take on the rookie tag team sensations, Bobby Hostile and Riccardo Young, collectively known as Project Future.

Also on the card is a British Welterweight Championship bout between Champion, “The Gift” Ross Jordan and challenger Kid Regis. And in a very special contest the arrogant American Tex Benedict takes on the English-born Canadian international wrestling star, Neil Faith in what is going to be one of Faith’s last ever bouts on English soil before moving from Canada to America, where he will be staying for the next five years.

Tickets for this event are already on sale, and if you are interested in coming along, ticket reservation information can be found below or you can turn up on the evening, with tickets being available at the event.

The Card

“Misfit” Jorge Castano (c) vs “Wonderkid” Jonny Storm

British Middleweight Championship

With wrestling being an uncertain world, one thing that cannot be questioned is the successful Championship reign of British Middleweight Champion, “Misfit” Jorge Castano. After winning the Championship in May 2004 from Johnny Kidd on his third attempt, Jorge Castano has defended his Championship against everyone and has to date, always walked out the winner. It was even the “Misfit” who managed to shockingly defeat “Anarchist” Doug Williams in his RBW debut at the end of last year.
This time round it is another of Britain’s top wrestlers, “Wonderkid” Jonny Storm up against Castano with the British Middleweight Championship on the line. Storm in recent times has took part in a large number of overseas tours including the USA, Thailand and Japan, which helped raise his profile not only in the UK, but also on an international basis. Regarded by many as being one of the UK’s best, it will be interesting to see how he will do against the Colombian star.
Before this bout takes place, Jorge Castano is due to defend his Championship against Dragon Phoenix a week prior to this event. If in the event of Dragon Phoenix defeating Castano for the Championship, this contest will still take place, with the Championship obviously not at stake.

Tex Benedict vs Neil Faith

International Singles Contest

The over-confident American star, Tex Benedict is claiming that 2005 will be his best year yet, and with him putting on great performances against all opponents, it’s quite possible that this will happen. As well as advancing in the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Benedict has also set his sights on the British Welterweight Championship, currently held by “The Gift” Ross Jordan. Despite both wrestlers not being popular with fans, Benedict has a score to settle with Jordan following an attack last May by Jordan and his Southern Alliance team mates on Tex Benedict.
However, before Tex Benedict gets anywhere near Ross Jordan or the British Welterweight Championship, he has a big match against a wrestler making a return to RBW action. With rumours spreading over the identity of his opponent recently, no one suspected that it would be the international star Neil Faith who would be returning to RBW.
Neil Faith was originally born in Colchester, yet gave up his English life to move permanently to Canada in a bid to be a professional wrestler. Faith trained at the legendary Hart Dungeon in Calgary, Alberta with Bruce Hart, the brother of famous wrestlers Bret “Hitman” Hart and the late Owen Hart and also the son of the famous Stu Hart.  After debuting over there for Stampede Wrestling, he appeared for a variety of organisations in America too, even training with Dory Funk Jr in Florida, as well as travelling across the world to compete in Germany and also Japan’s highly-acclaimed New Japan Pro Wrestling. Almost three years ago, Neil Faith debuted for RBW at the affiliated Wrestling-UK event in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire in 2002, impressively defeating Baxter Burridge.
Career prospects for Neil Faith look very promising, with him tipped for success in America. This event will be one of the last chances for English fans to see Neil Faith on home soil, with Faith planning to move permanently from Canada to America, with his arrangements not allowing him to leave the country for at least five years.
This contest will see Faith hold a clear size advantage over Benedict, yet with Benedict known to be a very clever wrestler, the two should put on a great contest for the fans of Chingford.

“The Gift” Ross Jordan (c) vs Kid Regis

British Welterweight Championship

 2004 saw a lot of wrestlers break out of their shell, letting their true talents and true attitudes be seen by fans. One of these was undoubtedly “The Gift” Ross Jordan. After winning the British Welterweight Championship in late 2003, he only managed to hold onto it for four months, before being defeated by Sammy Ray in March. Sammy Ray’s reign ended in July at the hands of Ross Jordan, who was aided by special guest referee “Flying” Phil Powers who shockingly turned on Sammy Ray costing him the Championship. This took place in the very same venue in Chingford, London.
Since then, Ross Jordan has had a successful time with the Championship, even advancing in the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament along the way.
Meanwhile, Kid Regis, formerly known as Kid Romeo, had a mixed year. Debuting for RBW in early 2004, Regis made a good impression, but an unfortunate set back outside of wrestling a few months later saw him side-lined for several months. Returning in October, Kid Romeo picked up two victories over Rich ‘n’ Famous before wrestling Mark Shaman, with the winner receiving a shot at the British Welterweight Championship. The bout took place in December, with the contest ending up a draw. The referee decided that due to the draw, that he felt both wrestlers deserved a match for the Championship. RBW officials then decided to choose one wrestler to wrestle for the Championship, that being the wrestler with the best win/loss record out of Regis and Shaman, which Kid Regis had.
“The Gift” Ross Jordan has proved to be a tricky wrestlers to defeat, and whether or not Kid Regis will have better luck than other wrestlers will be seen in this bout.

Ashe and Curve (The New Breed) vs Bobby Hostile and Riccardo Young (Project Future)

Tag Team Contendership Contest

The Southern Alliance’s grip on the British Tag Team Championship was never released throughout the whole of 2004, with the dominant group proving too much for all of their challengers.
As 2005 begins, tag team competition is definitely warming up in RBW with a long list of challengers willing to do their best to wrestle the Championships away from the reigning Champions.

Two of those teams are The New Breed and Project Future.
The New Breed, made up of Ashe and Curve, both hailing from Chingford, London, have made themselves known as one of the most popular tag teams in British wrestling in recent years. In 2004, they came to RBW, and despite having one unsuccessful clash against the Southern Alliance in a British Tag Team Championship contest in July, their other contests have seen them display great ability, with Ashe even gaining revenge on Stixx at the end of the year, advancing in the British Heavyweight Championship Tournament.
For Project Future, their career record is somewhat different. Riccardo Young and Bobby Hostile have only been competing since last year, and despite neither yet scoring a decisive singles victory, they have had a much more successful tag team start, defeating the team of “Misfit” Jorge Castano and Tex Benedict, and also defeating the Southern Alliance’s J.C Thunder and “The Gift” Ross Jordan, both considered shocking upset wins.
Despite having a clear experience advantage over Project Future, could it still possible that The New Breed could fall victim to another upset win or will they make 2005 the year of The New Breed?

Show Information

Revolution British Wrestling

Ryan Hall, On the corner of Chingford Mount Road/Larkswood Road, Chingford, London, E4.
Saturday 5th February 2005

 Doors Open at 7.30pm. Event Begins at 8.00pm. Show Ends at 10.00pm.

Travel Information

Nearest Train Station: Chingford or Highams Park
Nearest Tube Station: Walthamstow Central

By Car:  If travelling by car, from the North Circular Road (A406), leave at the Crooked Billet junction (Walthamstow) on to the A112 (Chingford Road). On leaving the roundabout you will pass the Walthamstow Stadium on your right. Cross the crossroads with the Morrisons supermarket turn-off on the left, just past this you enter Chingford. Continue proceeding along the road, past the parades of shops and the Royston Arms pub. You will see the venue on the main road as it veers to the right. The venue (a large red-brick building) stands slightly back from the main road.

Ticket Information

Ringside (All Ages) – £9.00
Adults – £8.00
Concessions (Children Under 7 and Senior Citizens) – £6.00

Family Ticket (2 Adults and 2 Concessions) – £25.00

Booking Methods

Telephone – 07950 576063 or 07940 476612
Online –
SMS Text Message – 07950 576063 or 07940 476612

E-Mail –

Tickets are also available on the evening of the event.