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WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* 25/1/05

This week’s Smackdown! was the last show before the Royal Rumble. Here’s all the relevant developments:

1. Eddie Guerrero, Booker T and Rey Mysterio beat Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak and Orlando Jordan.

2. John Cena retained the US Title versus Kenzo Suzuki. Following the match he cut a promo detailing how he was going to win the Royal Rumble match.

– Heidenreich comes out and says he has a poem for everyone. Thankfully, it doesn’t last too long as a casket is wheeled out and Heidenreich hides behind the other side of the ring.

3. In a match not shown on TV, The Undertaker beat Heidenreich in a Casket Match.

4. Paul London won a four-way over Spike Dudley, Shannon Moore and Funaki.

5. JBL and Kurt Angle wrestled to a double count out.

– Teddy Long revealed that Big Show gave him the idea for this match which saw them both knocked out.