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IWF In Gateshead. 5th March 1st 3 Matches Announced

IWF in Gateshead – Upcoming

Date: 5th March

Venue: St. Joseph’s Hall, Gateshead.  Next to Gateshead Metro Station.

Belltime: 7pm

Tickets: – £4 or 4 for £12

The first three matches for the show have been announced.

IWF Champion JIMMY BLADE has accepted the challenge of a title match from LEE KYLE.  Although many feel that Kyle is an undeserving number one contender, it is to the champions credit that he has chosen to defend his championship despite having recently defended it against JT Monroe.  The wily Kyle did somewhat back Blade into accepting this match and sent me the following email explaining his thoughts on what must be the biggest match of his career:

“Okay, so Jimmy is stronger, bigger and faster than me but I’ve seen every match that he has ever had and am fully confident that I can become the next IWF Champion.  I’ve been in the IWF for 4 and a half years and this will be my first title shot.  It is an opportunity that I can not waste.  To that end, I have dedicated myself to perfecting many counters to Blade’s patented DDT as I know that if he can’t hit me with that move, he can’t beat me.  Come March 5th, Lee Kyle will be ready.”

This reveals a new, more thoughtful approach from Kyle as he approaches his first ever shot at the IWF title, a match that will be an intriguing battle between the proud and powerful champion and the man who may be the top defensive wrestler in the company.

A three-way dance has been booked with the winner being named the number one contender to the IWF title.  The match will be contested between SHAUN AVERY, LIAM ‘THE PLAYER’ ATKINSON and YOUNGSTA.  Shaun and Youngsta are, of course, brothers and tag team partners and will be at an advantage if they work as a team.  However a friendly rivalry does exist between the two and they have wrestled each other on two occasions in the past with Youngsta emerging victorious on both occasions, results that do not sit well with his older brother.  All three men in this match prefer to use a technical approach with Youngsta the stronger of the three, Shaun the quicker and Atkinson the most skilled at submission wrestling.  The winner of this match will face the winner of Blade v Kyle at Gateshead in April.

MAX HEAT will put his Junior Academy Championship on the line against on half of ‘The Wright Stuff’ JORDAN WRIGHT.  The IWF Junior Academy has improved immensely over the past year and consistently produces some excellent matches.  Expect Jordan, who will be accompanied by his brother Joey, to attempt to ground the arrogant champion as he attempts to cement his position as one of the future stars of the IWF.