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Wrestler Cheats Death


A British pro wrestler was “three minutes from death” after a fire broke out at his home.

Jamie Hutchinson, who wrestles as ‘Johnny Phere’, managed to escape a blazing inferno at his house in Warrington. The fire started on Sunday  night in Jamie’s bedroom after he fell asleep, leaving a candle alight on top of his television set.

He woke up to see the TV ablaze with a “metre-high flame”. Jamie and other members of  his family, including his younger brother Simon who also wrestles under the name  ‘Kid Chaos’, managed to flee through choking smoke as the fire spread through the house. Jamie was taken to hospital where he was put on oxygen for seven hours to flush out smoke from his lungs, before being released the following day.

“If I was asleep for three minutes longer I would have been dead,” said Jamie. “I’m very lucky although my room is gutted and I’ve lost everything I own.” Jamie expects to be fit to wrestle by Saturday, when he is due to appear on a major televised show in Hertfordshire for top British wrestling promotion the FWA.