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UKPW – Friday April 29th

UKPW – Friday April 29th

Rich ‘N’ Famous returns

With UKPW’s night of champions event a little over two weeks away, there are still many more names to be announced for this monumental event. The latest Superstar to be confirmed for Friday April 29th is the returning Rich ‘N’ Famous.

Rich ‘N’ Famous last competed for UKPW in March 2004 whilst in the midst of a heated rivalry with ‘The Silent Riot’ Corey Davis. Famous also competed at the very first UKPW event, defeating Sammy Ray in the opening match and was ranked at number four in the original Top Ten Rankings for UKPW. Therefore, it’s somewhat appropriate that he should participate in this landmark event for United Kingdom Pro Wrestling.

However, in the year that has passed since Famous last competed for UKPW, the landscape has certainly changed with a plethora of new Superstars now wrestling under the UKPW banner. Looking to make his impact felt immediately, Rich ‘N’ Famous has demanded that he be granted a big match for his return on April 29th in addition to being entered for the UKPW Rumble.

A decision has yet to be made in regards to Famous’ entry into the UKPW Rumble but his request for a BIG match has been granted as Rich ‘N’ Famous will square off against the near 40 stone behemoth, Country Boy.

Eamon O’Neil unable to compete on April 29th

Unfortunately, Eamon O’Neil has had to pull out of UKPW’s night of champions event at the Waterside Theatre due to family commitments. Having to miss his opportunity to compete for the UKPW Championship, Eamon will no doubt be hungrier than ever when he next competes in a UKPW ring and will have his sights set on capturing the coveted title.

With O’Neil unable to compete at this event, Chris Wyld now finds himself without an opponent prior to the UKPW Rumble. It also leaves a slot open in the UKPW Rumble, a situation which will be addressed very shortly.

The event takes place at the Waterside Theatre in Holbury, Southampton on Friday April 29th, beginning at 8pm. For more information, please visit