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UFC 52 weigh-ins

UFC 52 Weigh-ins

John Marsh – 225 lbs Marsh looked in good solid shape

Mike Van Arsdale – 215 lbs Van Arsdale looked very light, more like a Light Heavyweight

Patrick Coté – 185 lbs Coté looked real lean at 185 and is finally at the proper weight class

Joe Doersksen – 185 lbs Doersken was in his usual good shape hitting the limit right on the nose

Joe Riggs – 185 lbs Riggs looked really lean, hard to believe he used to weigh over 300 lbs

Ivan Salaverry – 184 lbs Salaverry was just as lean considering he’s lanky

Jason Miller – 171 lbs Miller originally weighed in at 172, as he was wearing platinum teeth

Georges St. Pierre – 170 lbs with a banana in his pocket according to Joe Rogan

Travis Lutter – 186 lbs Lutter was lean and looked suited to the new weight class

Matt Lindland – 185 lbs Lindland was a solid 185 as usual

Frank Trigg – 169 1/2 lbs Trigg was lean and in good shape

Matt Hughes – 170 lbs Hughes weighed in at his usual 170

Travis Wiuff – 203 lbs He looked scary this light, but it seems he made the weight with two pounds to spare

Renato ‘Babulu’ Sobral – 204 lbs Babulu was in good shape

Chuck Liddell – 204 1/2 lbs Liddell was in good sahpe, but not as good as his weigh-in with Tito

Randy Couture – 203 lbs Couture looked lighter than usual, apparently his cardio is better than before