The Three Count

T3C: WWE Judgment Day 2005 Preview

Someone will utter the words ‘I Quit’ this Sunday but will that also see a WWE title change? Time to preview Smackdowns Judgement Day Pay-Per-View…

The Three Count: Judgement awaits the Quitter

Should I be worried? Well it is another Smackdown only PPV this weekend and that doesn’t tend to bode too well for a great nights wrestling. Time to preview what’s been announced so far.

WWE Title: I Quit Match: John Cena v JBL

Does JBL have some kind of ambition to wrestle in every kind of stipulation match there is? Well this time it’s an ‘I Quit’ match but there’s no way that JBL is getting the title back this weekend.

Cena is too hot at the moment with his CD and movie on the way and at the moment his merchandising worth is too valuable to see him lose the belt. I’m still not too impressed with Cena at present and this is hardly going to be a classic. For him to step up a level he needs matches against Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle.

This feud hasn’t really excited me too much either. Just the usual humiliation of JBL one week and Cena getting attacked by JBL’s cabinet. He’s got the title, now he needs to move on to fresh feuds.

I go for Cena to retain the title but there’s bound to be some kind of dodgy finish here

US Title: Orlando Jordan v John Heidenreich

Heidenreich beat Jordan on Smackdown this week so I reckon that’s the match we’ll see at Judgement Day. Could WWE be turning the mad guy face? It looks that way, all this ‘I need a friend’ and then getting a kid in the ring is ok but look at it this way. Heidenreich is supposed to be the madman who comes to the ring in a straitjacket and tries to kill The Undertaker. Would you let your kid go in the ring with him?

Jordan is a terrible US Champion and the belt should be on someone like Booker T or a fit again RVD. The only decent thing Jordan can do is turn face after finally getting fed up of the way JBL treats him.

So what happens here? Well I’m not really sure but I reckon Jordan will stay champ for awhile.

WWE Tag Titles: MNM V Charlie Haas and Bob Holly

So the tag division is as dodgy as ever. Just what does Bob Holly do to keep getting title shots, I wouldn’t even have the guy in the company. MNM are ok but that impressive ring entrance will get tired very quickly.

Not a great deal of build-up to this match but at least it gives Haas some kind of position in the company. Just why did they split up Charlie and Jackie? I can’t see MNM losing the belt here.

Kurt Angle v Booker T

This should be good too, after all it has got Kurt ‘I don’t know how to wrestle a bad match’ Angle included. The feud has been pretty good and this should be one of the matches of the night. Will it be a long term feud? Well, I feel Angle could be on his way to Raw soon so the answer is probably no. I go for Angle to win in his usual dodgy finish.

Rey Mysterio v Eddie Guerrero

I’ve saved the best till last. For me this is really the main event of this card. The heat generated from this feud is scorching (or should that be ‘scorchio’). This really should be given at least 25 minutes, just let this two great in-ring performers do what they do best. Guerrero has been excellent recently and works best as a heel in my opinion. I want him to win this and then set his eyes on John Cena to really get the main event on Smackdown back to where it should be. I go for Guerrero to win a classic.

Possible match:

WWE Cruiserweight Title; Paul London v Chavo Guerrero

Now this should be one of the matches of the night and hopefully will be given at least 15 minutes. It’s good to see London getting a big break in WWE and with the likes of Juventud, Super Crazy and Pscicosis coming in this division should come alive soon. This can’t be a bad match if both are fit and I wouldn’t be surprised if the title changes hands here with the pair swapping ownership of the belt a few times over the next month or so. What this division really needs is a proper feud, not the endless Battle Royals we seem to get.

Stephen Ashfield