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TNA to be bought?

National Wrestling Alliance member NWA Ohio has released a statement today on its website regarding a bid to buy NWA TNA

“The Nelson Corporation and NWA Ohio has placed an offer on the table to purchase TNA’s 71% from Panda Energy, He has recruited Hacksaw Jim Duggan and other legendary Wrestlers to work within his negotiations. This past week Dave met with Frank Richardson, CEO of TNA Wrestling, and also with Jeff and Jerry Jarrett.

It is uncertain of TNA’s response at current, however with or without TNA the plans of building another Multimillion dollar wrestling company is in the works and with the assistance of Jim Duggan and three silent backers in this deal, the wrestling world can look forward to some ground shaking news in the months ahead”

Jim Duggan has appeared on several TNA shows, and was also seen backstage a few weeks ago on an IMPACT! Taping at Universal Studios.