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MPW: Jetta Officially Quits

Just days after UK star Majik announced his departure from MPW, Jetta has announced that she has also left the promotion. The following message has been posted on MPWs official forum (hosted at our sister site,

Well im sorry to be the NEXT person to start one of these topics, and tbh i wasnt even going to do this but i think i should let you all know that as of well about two months ago i have quit MPW….

I want to state its not because of my arm as a matter of fact that never got in the way of me wanting to come back.

Im not going to go into details of why im quiting MPW because without MPW i wouldnt have even started wrestling and Maj and Steve i do want to thank you both. Thinking back to those days will always bring a smile to my face and i do concider those days as some of the best in my life so id like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

To Jekkel Edgar Berry Tom Sarah Shaun Raze Dan Chris Gabe and many others i cant think of i love you guys and im glad i met you all and thanks for all the laughs we’ll still see each other but……thought id be nice

I will still be wrestling so i hope to see you all around!

Vicky xxx

It is unknown as to why both Jetta and Majik left MPW. The latter has confirmed that he is not retiring, however, and will still be actively competing in rings across the UK. Jetta, winner of MPWs Queen Of The Ring tournament, was brought up through their training school and had become a regular feature of the shows until an accident on August 1st of this year in which she broke her arm in two places. Her future is as yet only speculation publically, but it should be noted that she was worked for other promotions before, and will probably pick up where she left off. W101 wishes her the best of luck.