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WWE: Velocity & SmackDown Results *Spoilers*

Below is a full report from last night’s Velocity and SmackDown taping held at the Florence Civic Center in Florence, South Carolina, USA.

Dark & Velocity Matches:
Paul Birchill defeated Simon Dean

The Mexicools defeated FBI

Sylvan defeated Scotty 2 Hotty

MNM defeated two jobbers

Jamie Noble defeated Capirce ?

Lashley defeated JBL with the Dominator. JBL hit the clothesline from hell on Lashely and was about to pin him when the Boogeyman came out and distracted JBL.

Backstage Segment: Kurt Angle is walking backstage and is greeted and congratulated from his fellow Smackdown Superstars: Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Rey etc. Mark Henry confronts him and says he will face him at the Royal Rumble after he wins is #1 contender match against Rey tonight.

Booker T. and Sharmel are in the ring for a celebration. Balloons are dropped and some cool sparks coming down behind them. Orlando hit the ring and tell Booker he wants a title shot right now and pushes Booker T down. Teddy Long comes out to announce Orton will defend Booker T title against Orlando Jordan.

Backstage Segment: Jillian Hall tells Teddy Long that Boogeyman has left a scar on her face and people will start to stare at her scar and make fun of her. JBL enters the office and Teddy tells him he would take on Boogeyman at the Royal Rumble.

Matt Hardy beat Finlay by DQ. Finlay ignored the ref’s 5 count while Hardy was in the ropes and hit Hardy with a few stiff looking forearm shots to his head.  He then placed Hardy’s head on the ring steps and stomped on it.

Mark Henry, with Melina, defeated Rey with the powerslam. Great match with mostly Rey doing all the work. It was a cool finish with Rey hitting the frog splash, but Henry sat up with Rey across his chest and slammed him.

Mr. Kennedy come out for commentary.

Randy Orton defeated Orlando with the RKO. Chris Benoit came in at the end, beating up Booker.

The Gyminis, with Simon Dean, defeated London and Kendrick. Same spots and moves from two weeks ago on Smackdown

Kurt Angle defeated Daivari by DQ when Mark Henry and Melina interfere. Henry picked up the ring stairs and knocked Angle out of the ring. Melina left the ring, and it was just Daivari and Henry. Daivari told Angle something about getting screwed or something like that and then Divari announced he is Mark Henry’s new manager. Great Show