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ROH: Newswire – 16th February

February 16th: Homicide called the ROH offices today to say that his shoulder feels “187 percent” and he is ready to settle his feud against Colt Cabana. It will be Homicide vs. Cabana at the Fourth Anniversary Show on 2/25 in Edison, NJ and they will collide in a Ghetto Fight. The rules are simple- there are no rules and the only way to win is to make your opponent tap out. This will be a tough night for Cabana as he must now return to the same spot where Homicide almost murdered him by pouring Draino down his throat. Cabana has been mentally falling apart since that felonious incident. Now he must fight Homicide at the scene of the crime.

February 16th: Footage shot backstage in Dayton during the melee when Chris Hero and Necro Butcher were kicked out of the building has some very valuable clues as to who knocked out Jim Cornette’s tooth. We hope to have a definitive answer next week. Cornette has promised that there will be hell to pay for the individual that cost him one of his front teeth. You can see a toothless Cornette in a great promo about hardcore wrestling now at

February 16th: We have another huge match set for 4/1 in Chicago!!! It will be a unique battle that could steal the show as Masato Yoshino joins Jimmy Rave & Alex Shelley with Prince Nana of The Embassy to take on Do Fixer of Dragon Kid, Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito!!! You can get tickets for this event for just $10 until noon today at The $10 sale ends at noon that also includes ROH shows, Straight Shootin’ Series and Secrets Of The Ring DVDs as well as tickets to all live events through 4/1.

February 16th: Jay & Mark Briscoe are set to return fulltime to ROH. They are currently scheduled on every show, but the Wrestlemania triple shot. The Briscoes are ready to get serious and make a commitment to ROH. They have stated that they will make an impact at the Fourth Anniversary Show on 2/25. The Briscoes told us that we will have to wait until the night of the show to see what their goals are. The Briscoes disappeared from ROH in August 2004 after suffering injuries. They were also flooded with personal commitments and needed to take care of things in their personal lives. The Briscoes resumed contact with the ROH offices about six months ago and stated that they were interested in returning once they were able to make a commitment and be serious about their wrestling careers. They started back on other indies to get into ring shape for ROH and also because they wanted to have fun with some of their old friends. Now the former ROH Tag Team Champions are ready to return and be a big part of ROH. We’ll find out who they are aligned with and what their goals are on 2/25 in Edison, NJ!!!

February 16th: Look for an article later today on the main page of detailing the best of ROH in 2005 as voted by the fans. This is a great guide for new fans who just want to see the very elite of ROH!!!

February 16th: Don’t miss out on any of the hot DVDs now at including “Final Battle 2005” featuring KENTA vs. Low Ki in a match that Dave Meltzer gave ****1/2 and called a “legit match of the year candidate.” SHIMMER Vol. 1 remains red hot featuring the Sara Del Ray vs. Mercedes Martinez match that can be considered the greatest women’s match to take place on US soil. also has the January OVW TV featuring the much talked about CM Punk vs. Brent Albright feud with Paul Heyman booking. Other new non-ROH DVDs now at include Roddy Piper Shoot Interview, Ringside Chat with Tully Blanchard, Rocky King Shoot Interview, Ringside Chat with Tony Atlas, ECW “The Most Extreme Matches” with all your ECW favorites, TNA “Bound For Glory” and the two UWF-TNA “Buckle Up” shows featuring lots of big names like AJ Styles, Team 3D, Jeff Jarrett and many more. FIP DVDs are coming out faster so don’t miss out on “Unstoppable” featuring the FIRST TIME that Samoa Joe & CM Punk team up in a straight tag as they take on Colt Cabana & Sal Rinauro and “In Full Force” with Homicide vs. Colt Cabana, CM Punk & Azrieal vs. Roderick Strong & Jerrelle Clark plus much more. Check the New Releases section of for all these DVDs plus much more from many different promotions featuring some huge names and big match ups.

February 16th: The traditional four duo Tag Team Scramble will return on 3/11 when ROH makes its debut at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia. It will be Dunn & Marcos vs. Homicide & Ricky Reyes vs. Jason Blade & Kid Mikaze vs. Crazy & Lotus, who impressed ROH officials with their aerial skills in preshow matches at the last Ohio shows. The Tag Team Scramble is back with fresh teams to give you the fastest-paced, highest-flying, most innovative matches going today!!!

February 16th: We mentioned before that we had four huge negotiations in the works. The first one turned out to be KENTA & Marufuji. The second one was Dragon Gate at Wrestlemania weekend. The third negotiation is almost finalized and an announcement could come at anytime. The fourth negotiation has fallen through (and it wasn’t Bruno Sammartino as rumored on the net). We hope to have a big announcement about the third negotiation on at any moment.