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IPW:UK: Teddy Hart To Make UK Debut


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» That’s right folks, today, March 1st (pinch punch first of the month!) marks a special day – the announcement of the name of one of the international stars for “The April Show”, as well as another debuting name in IPW:UK, this time from British shores.

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Ringside at the Orpington Halls has sold out EVERY MONTH consistently right through since September 2005. We don’t NEED to give you this saving… WE WANT TO!

For February’s PWG show, ringside tickets sold out within MINUTES for a full 54 capacity ringside. At IPW:UK there’s only a 40 capacity ringside, and tickets for March 19th have now sold out – who knows whether tickets will be left after Ringside Mayhem Wednesday.

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’The Man That Gravity Forgot’ Debuts In IPW:UK Sunday April 30th!

» Pac – the man from up north that if you haven’t seen yet, you need to see. The whole of the UK has been talking about him, and if you haven’t, then it’s probably because you just haven’t seen him wrestle yet!

Coming out of the IWF, 2006 has already been a break-out year for Pac, wrestling regularly for home promotions IWF and 3CW, wrestling almost weekly for WZW, as well as splatterings across the country including wrestling the FWA Academy. April is massive for Pac. His first time in Europe for wXw, and his first time in Kent for IPW.

His opponent for the day will be Leroy Kincaide – the man from down south that if you haven’t seen yet, you need to see. This man came into IPW:UK with a massive bang, flying through opponents like a hot knife through butter back in November 05. After taking out Untouchable member (and now current tag champ) ‘The Human Hate Machine’ Dave Moralez in January, disaster struck as Kincaide suffered a major groin injury.

Both men have amazingly impressive physiques, and can pull off amazing high-risk movements, defying their build. The key may, however, come down to a test of whether Kincaide is fully healed, especially if he makes the grain for March 19th’s show, and also how Pac copes against one of Britain’s hardest – back in Newcastle he is often pitted against fellow high-flyers, a lot of whom are smaller in build – how will the young lad cope against somebody with the amazing raw power that Leroy Kincaide possesses?

And Making His UK Debut… He Is… None Other Than… TEDDY HART!

» When fans of high-flying thought “damn, that just could NOT get ANY better” – you’re so so wrong.

Teddy Hart, one of the most controversial figures in Pro Wrestling since the turn of the millennium, is making his debut in Europe with a double-header in Germany and England. On March 18th GWP in Germany are putting on a massive show featuring multiple guys, and IPW have been a massive beneficiary of this – taking advantage and bringing in Teddy Hart for an amazing show case match.

IPW:UK promoter Daniel Edler has long been a fan of Hart’s work, and jumped at the chance to include Hart on one of his shows, especially with April proving already to be one of a string of HOT “must attend” IPW:UK events. Lord only knows what Teddy Hart is capable of, and lord only knows whom IPW dare put him in the ring with. This information will be released in coming weeks.

While part of the fun of watching a Teddy Hart match, his unpredictability can also cause concern as to whether Hart will appear as advertised at events. GWP, IPW and Teddy himself all want to re-assure fans that flights have been booked, matches are being put together, and April 30th will see Teddy Hart making his UK debut!

Other News:

— After recently some IPW:UK wrestlers’ myspaces were added to the IPW forums, Donna, on behalf of herself and her man Ashley Reed, would like to say the following:

“get a life instead of readin my myspace in the hope i’ll write about being a horny lesbian with a soft spot 4 marks. don’t add me cause I wont accept it.”

— IPW:UK has a group myspace – and unlike Donna, we will accept you. In fact, we really hope you join us! It can be found at:

— Speaking of ringside, ringside has now SOLD OUT for the March 19th show, Unfinished Business. Well, we told you it would…!

Therefore currently announced for “The April Show”, April 30th, is:

IPW:UK Title Match
Martin Stone (c) vs. TBC Contender

IPW:UK Tag Title Match
The Untouchables (‘Sadistic’ Jack Storm & ‘The Human Hate Machine’ Dave Moralez) (c) vs. TBC Contenders

Pac’s Debut
‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’ Pac vs. Leroy Kincaide

Plus, Ashley Reed (w/ Donna), Spud, Battalion, the returning ‘Righteous’ Paul Travell and as well as…

Making his UK debut… TEDDY HART!!!

And many more IPW:UK regulars in action, as well as ONE MORE name from Northern America making their return to the country! Your referees for the evening, Chris Hatch & Andy Quildan, as well as Master of Ceremonies ‘Hardcore’ John Atkins.

— IPW:UK presents “The April Show”, Sunday April 30th 2006 at Orpington Halls, Orpington High Street, Orpington, Kent, England. Doors 6:00pm, show starts 6.30pm. Tickets £12 general admission (£6 children). Family ticket available for £30. Ringside £20 all ages. Birthdays and Group Bookings now catered for specifically. For more information about IPW:UK, click here: or e-mail Daniel Edler:

— IPW:UK also presents “Unfinished Business”, Sunday March 19th 2006 at Orpington Halls, Orpington High Street, Orpington, Kent, England. Doors 5:00pm, show starts 5.30pm. Tickets £12 general admission (£6 children) and £20 ringside. Family ticket available for £30. Birthdays and Group Bookings now catered for specifically. For more information about IPW:UK, click here: or e-mail Daniel Edler: