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WWE: Heat Taping Results & Dark Match From RAW *Spoliers*

* Rob Van Dam pinned Chuck Palumbo with the five-star frog splash. RVD was extremely over and the fans were into his offense. However, said offense seemed limited in quantity.  Palumbo seemed to have RVD fighting from behind most of the way. Not sure why they’re booking RVD like this. 

* Goldust pinned Rob Conway. Nothing to write home about here. A “boring” chant got some traction midway through. 

* Matt Striker beat a jobber. Jobber came out with the ref and was never named, but had DD on the side of his tights. Striker came out and did his typical schtick all the way to the ring, then made short work of the jobber. 

* Lance Cade pinned Val Venis with a roll-up and feet on the bottom rope. Val got a standing ovation after the match from many in the crowd. 

*Chavo Guerrero pinned Snitsky with the frog splash. Lots of Eddie and Chavo chants. 

Dark match main event… John Cena pinned Edge with the FU in a WWE Championship match. Standard-issue match between the two, about 15 minutes or so. To set up the finish, Cena tried to come out of the corner with Edge in position for the FU, but Edge held onto the top rope. Cena’s attempts to detach Edge’s grip on the ropes bumped the ref. Lita hit the ring with the WWE Championship and hit Cena with a weak-looking belt shot. Edge hit the spear and made the cover, but Cena kicked out before the three. Cena took over from there and hit quick FUs on Lita and then Edge for the pin.