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TNA: Impact & Xplosion Taping *Spoliers*

Impact for 3/18:
*Jeff Jarrett’s Army came to the ring saying that Sting is gone, this time on Jarrett’s terms. They bring out Scott Steiner, who tears apart the babyfaces and he’s the new face of TNA. Steiner says he is here but won’t sign any contracts because he has no interest in following the rules.

*Backstage, Jeremy Borash was in Larry Zbyszko’s office. Zbyszko announced Team 3D vs. Team Canada in Six Sides of Steel for the 3/25 episode of Impact. Samoa Joe entered upset about losing the X-Division championship and demands a rematch. Zbyszko tells Joe it’s time to move on and he’ll find out who his next opponent is next week.

*Sonjay Dutt defeated Matt Bentley and Elix Skipper. Bentley hit a superkick on Skipper, but Dutt hit a 450 splash on Bentley when he went for the pinfall. Dutt pinned Bentley.

*Simon Diamond came out to the announcer’s table, where they “showed the footage” of the White Sox training camp. The live crowd didn’t get to see it, but Diamond didn’t look happy.

*Jeremy Borash interviewed Team 3D about the Six Sides of Steel

*Abyss pinned Cassidy Riley with The Black Hole Slam.

*Jeremy Borash interviewed Abyss and Jim Mitchell. Mitchell said that TNA would find a way to not give Abyss his title shot in a great promo. Alex Shelley showed up and said he had a great film idea, teasing he was going to shoot something on Abyss.

*Norman Smiley and Shark Boy defeated LAX’s Homicide and Machete. Shark Boy pinned Machete. Konnan hit Machete with the slapjack. Machete was beaten down by Konnan and Homicide.

*TNA X-Division champ Christopher Daniels & A.J. Styles & Rhino & Ron Killings defeated NWA Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted & Alex Shelley & Shannon Moore after Styles hit the Styles Clash and pinned Moore in a good match.

Impact for 3/25:
*Scott Steiner & Jeff Jarrett vs. The Naturals went to a no contest after Jarrett and Steiner, in street clothes, absolutely decimated The Naturals. Steiner hit Andy Douglas with a chair and locked him in the Steiner Recliner on the floor. They stretchered Douglas out of the ring.

*Jeremy Borash interviewed Homicide and Konnan, who said that Machete wasn’t holding his own and they got rid of him for it. The James Gang and Bob Armstrong come out. They appeared to be teasing an arm wrestling match between Bob and Konnan.

*Mike Tenay interviewed Samoa Joe. They revealed his opponent was Sabu with a video package and Joe was upset.

*Jeremy Borash interviewed Team 3D. Brother Ray said Team Canada was a thorn in the side of Team 3D, the fans, and the United States. He said that they were going to step into the ring with the most hardcore tag team in wrestling history tonight.

*Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal defeated The Diamonds in The Rough after Sabin pinned David Young after a cradle shock in a solid match.

*Jeremy Borash interviewed Team Canada. Scott D’Amore said anyone could have been put in the cage with Team 3D and wondered why them. D’Amore said it’s a personal issue. Zbyszko comes in and D’Amore tells him that they have unfinished business.

*Samoa Joe choked out Puma in a really good match with Puma getting some offense.

*Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal defeated Homicide and the debuting/returning Hotstuff Hernandez when Sabin pinned Hernandez.

*As they started to set up the cage, Christian Cage came out to cut a promo for the live crowd.

Impact 3/25 Main Event:
*Team 3-D defeated Team Canada’s Eric Young & Bobby Roode in The Six Sides of Steel after a 3D on Young. After the match. America’s Most Wanted attacked 3D. They put Brother Ray through a table.