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TNA: New US Impact Slot & Shannon Moore Leaves For WWE

– During a pre-taping meeting yesterday in Orlando, Jeff Jarrett informed the TNA crew that Spike TV had decided to slot them on Thursdays at 11 PM following The Ultimate Fighter reality series, as opposed to being the lead-in for UFC. Although it is a less prestigious timeslot, the decision actually works out better for TNA in the long run by providing them original UFC programming as their lead-in. It also takes them out of the line of fire by no longer being slotted against Thursday night’s network programming, considered the toughest night of TV competition weekly. Spike TV will be issuing an official press release about the change shortly.

– TNA’s “Prince of Punk” Shannon Moore agreed verbally to a new deal with World Wrestling Entertainment yesterday and is expected to be assigned to Deep South Wrestling shortly. Moore finished up with TNA at yesterday’s TV taping. According to one source, he had been offered a 26 date TNA contract at $500 a shot but hadn’t yet signed the deal. Through an intermediary, Moore was able to get a better deal with WWE and accepted it. TNA had been expecting Moore to remain with the company as they had recently trademarked the “Prince of Punk” moniker.