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TNA: Impact Format To Change, Jushin Liger & Christopher Daniels

– When TNA debuts tomorrow night in their new Spike TV timeslot, you may notice something of a format change from previous episodes of Impact. For the time being, TNA will be discarding squash matches in favor of focusing on longer matches and major angles. Tomorrow’s show features Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels, Sting’s return to the ring, the debut of a former ECW and WWE star, a Christian Cage interview, the announcement of Sting’s Lockdown PPV team, and Team 3D vs. NWA Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted in a Street Fight.

– There are still plans for Jushin Liger to appear in TNA down the line. His absence from Lockdown is solely based on a communications error as he is needed for New Japan events the weekend of the PPV.

– The new plan for The Lockdown PPV is Christopher Daniels facing a mystery opponent.