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WWE: Velocity & Smackdown Taping *Spoilers*

– Chris Benoit beat Vito via submission with the Crossface
– Matt Hardy beat Andy Simmons with a Twist of Fate
– Paul Burchill made his introduction swinging on a rope from the top of a London Bus to take on Nunzio. Burchill won with the C4.
– Orlando Jordan beat Scotty 2 Hotty with a Fame-Asser type move to end the Velocity tapings.

– Promos were shown for Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle as well as Lashley vs Mark Henry in a King of the Ring match.

– JBL cut an anti-UK promo as it was announced that he would defend his US Title against William Regal to kick off the show. Regal came out in his Lord Regal ring attire to a huge pop and slated JBL before the match got underway. During the match, Regal tried to put on JBL’s cowboy hat which resulted in a lariat for his troubles. JBL retains via pinfall.

– Kristal interviewed Booker T and Sharmell backstage, who said Booker would win the King of the Ring tournament.

– The Hooligans (Kenrick and London) & Super Crazy beat MNM & Gregory Helms in a six-man tag team match after London pinned Helms.

– Another video showing Angle winning the WWE Title played before MNM were shown backstage. Melina was angry with her men for losing tonight. Jillian Hall walked by and was offered a job by Melina as their makeup artist. She accepted, but it led to a catfight with make-up being thrown around.

– Lashley cut a promo ahead of his King of the Ring match talking about great wrestlers who have won King of the Ring in the past, mentioning Bret Hart, Steve Austin and Triple H.

– Lashley beat Mark Henry via countout to advance in the KOTR tourney. Post-Match, Henry returned to the ring and splashed Lashley in the corner. Lashley was really over with the crowd.

– The Mysterio-Angle video package from the start of the show was shown again before Mysterio was interviewed backstage by Kristal who asked if his luck was running out. Mysterio said whatever happens tonight, he’s enjoyed being champion.

– Another video package showing Kurt Angle winning WWE gold was shown.

– Finlay beat Gunner Scott after interference by Booker T. Booker and Sharmell did commentary for this match. After the match, Gunner Scott was attacked 2 on 1 until Chris Benoit made the save.

– Kristal was in the ring but quickly interrupted by The Great Khali and Daivari who cut a promo. Kristal fled.

– Yet another Kurt Angle promo was shown.

– Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Title went to a no-contest after Mark Henry interfered. He laid Angle out on a table and hit a running splash on it to close the show.