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UK Scene #221

Welcome back to the UK Scene with me, the ever lovable Saz. With positive remarks to the new interactive UK Scene we can press on and look at the events happening in your area…

Welcome back to the UK Scene with me, the ever lovable Saz. With positive remarks to the new interactive UK Scene we can press on and look at the events happening in your area.

I always find it sad when one of the UK Workers can no longer wrestle and all the issues that have surrounded Ricky Knight and his family, it seems, at least to them, that 2006 really isn’t their year!

The Zebra Kid has been jailed for 3 years for an offence committed 18 months ago, according to Ricky he had been working on exorcising the demons of the past and succeeding when his past just caught up with him.

There’s not a lot to say really but share in Ricky Knight’s sentiments that the Zebra Kid continues to get the help that he needs and offer sympathy to the family.


FCW have released a card for “Genesis” on Sunday 25th June at The Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre in Lower Gornal, West Midlands.

Card reads:

  • 10 Man Battle Royale Match: Weasel, Blade, Graham Thomas, Damien Grant, HEX and more!

  • Celt Kennedy & Kevin O’Neil vs. Carl Mizzery & Rob Hunter

  • A-Star Athlete vs. Brandon Thomas

  • Number One Contenders Match: Saul Adams vs. Chad Collyer

You can find out more about the show and what their fans are talking about on the official FCW Forum.


LDN Wrestling are slowly announcing matches, which in a way gives the impression they are slowly adding matches for their debut TV Taping show “Caesars Beatings” which will be held on Saturday 15th July at The Central Park Leisure Centre in Harold Hill, Essex.

Partial card reads:

  • Six Man Elimination Tag Match: Jamie James & Project Future vs. JP Monroe & The Welsh Assembly

  • Johnny Kidd vs. Majik

  • LDN Title: Ashe (c) vs. Martin Stone

Looks good so far, if you want to start a discussion on LDN, please feel free on the TWO UK Scene Forum.


BCW will hold “Scarred For Glory” on Friday 30th June at The Kilmarnock Palace Theatre Grand Hall in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Current card reads:

  • Wolfgang vs. Brad Fusion

  • Red Lightning vs. ? (voting is currently taking place on the BCW fan forums)

Also scheduled to appear are BCW Cruiserweight Champion Liam Thompson, Kolobus, BCW Tag Team Champions T2K (Wolfgang & Darkside), Charles Boddington, Jack Jester, Lionheart, BCW Heavyweight Champion Highlander and more!


CPW will present “Celtic Pro 9: Unbreakable” on Friday 30th June at The Good Counsel GAA Club in Dublin, Ireland.

Current card reads:

  • Danny Demento vs. Neo Dragon

  • The J-Team vs. Irish Dragon & Neil Frenzy

  • Amazing Insane (c) vs. David Dunn

  • Ciaran Gallagher vs. Blake Norton

Plus also set to appear are Max Martello, Gerry Soul, Gabriel Grey and more!

I don’t know if many people have seen Gabriel Grey, he’s certainly a distinct character in wrestling and should be fun for you fans of Irish wrestling.

Feel free to comment on CPW in the UK Scene Forum.

Hopefully the world cup will not have dropped any interest from wrestling shows this month!

However, if you want to keep up with live information and commentary please visit the UK Scene Forum and talk about anything you wish!

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UK Scene Comments

Chriscare has placed an interesting thread which I have pinned, he states

“Generally over the summer there’s loads of Indy wrestling events at Holiday camps, fairs, festivals. So I this is a thread for people who’ve been to, or are going to, and let us know where it was, how it was, if there were any potential stars there and what not.”

So why not get involved and get the conversation going so more people know what exactly goes on around the UK Scene?

Devilish Angel has also has asked everyone to reminisce on their first ever UK Scene show and this thread is popular! If you’ve actually been to a UK Show, as opposed to sitting on the Internet and bitching about how bad UK Wrestling is…

Ahem, would be nice to see those recollections and who you saw, so join in here.


If you are interested in becoming a professional wrestling, we are here for you on the TWO Forums, with a comprehensive list of training schools throughout the UK and now with links to suppliers of wrestling gear too! See how good we are to you?

Click here to see the list!

And Finally…

Don’t forget that this is the last week to affect the order of the UK Scene top 50 wrestlers.

Thank you to everyone who responded and I hope that when I release the final list, everyone will agree that, apart from a few anomalies (i.e. popularity voting), it is a fair assessment of the UK Scene today.

Go to the thread here to check out the list and you can send your votes to me [] or Devilish Angel [] or you can message me through the TWO forum private message function!

That’s it for this week; hope you’ve had loads to digest!

See you soon