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KSW: Latest Card For "Overload" Show Tomorrow

Thanks to K-Star Wrestling for the following:

KSW will be performing their next show called Overload held on the 25th November at Perry Common British Legion, 641 College Road, Kingstanding, B44 0AT.

Adults: £7 Concessions: £5 Family Ticket: £20
Doors open at 7pm, firtbell at 8pm

King Khan vs. Rob Long
Brandon Grave vs. Brandon Thomas
BBD & Tyler Rayne vs. Iron Ryan & Pogo
Staxx vs. Kid Flash
KSW British Championship: Carl Mizzery (c) vs. Cupid Valentino
No.1 Contenders all-in battle

In detail:
Carl Mizzery joins Staxx and King Khan to form 3XL and KSW is rocking from the results, Mizzery is now the KSW British title holder and has two very big bodyguards to make life difficult for any contender for the belt.
Perhaps a little lucky, Cupid Valentino has found himself the number one contender after hauling former tag partners BBD and King Khan who were fighting amongst themselves.

Iron Ryan is still in shock after Tyler Rayne turned on him at Hotwired, will the shock set in at Overload?

King Khan vs Rob Long
The King faces the noise of Rob Long after Khan knocked Long out prior to his match at Hotwired, leaving poor Cupid to face the then named 2XL, Rob has a big challenge ahead of him but with the crowd on his side, he stands more than a chance of winning.

Brandon Grave vs Brandon Thomas
Annoyed with the confusion, Brandon Thomas has asked for a match against Brandon Grave after the Prophecy leader’s evil antics. Thomas has plenty of experience and could really teach the sick priest a lesson!

BBD & Tyler Rayne vs Iron Ryan & Pogo
Pogo and Ryan have come together to go up against the Prophecy, Ryan still can’t believe that he was betrayed by Tyler and this could be a very intense match up as there is no love lost between Pogo and BBD!

Staxx vs Kid Flash
Giving over 200lbs to his opponent, Kid Flash has really got his work cut out for him. However, the wily young wrestler has a lot of tricks, just as long as he stays away from Staxx’s evil power moves !

KSW British title: Carl Mizzery (c) vs Cupid Valentino
The odds are definitely against Valentino, considered lucky to win the number one contenders rumble at Hotwired, has been solidly defeated by Mizzery on several occasions, however, Cupid showed tenacity when facing Khan and Staxx in a handicap match and perhaps this experience could tip the balance?

No.1 contenders all-in battle
Staxx is still unable to compete and Brandon Thomas threatening to bring a few friends to try for the title, so this could be an interesting encounter, with all of the contenders in the ring t the same time, as long as Staxx doesn’t try to crash the party again.

Available at every show.
DVDs at £7 each (That’s the price for entry!), featuring:

King of the Ring 2006
The first KSW tournament of 2006, with 8 wrestlers fighting to become the new KSW British Champion. Including Carl Mizzery, Rob Long, Staxx, Nick Mace, Sal Americana, Tyler Rayne, Robbie Blaze and Cupid Valentino.

Deadly Alliance 3
With Staxx and Sal Americana working closely together, can Nick Mace do the seemingly impossible and defeat both wrestlers in one night? Including Carl Mizzery, Rob Long, BBD, King Khan, Cupid Valentino and the KSW debuts of Brandon Grave, Iron Ryan and Brett Banner!

Cruel Contentions
Carl Mizzery announces that he is sick and tired of being the good guy and getting nowhere, thus his new and improved attitude would bring him more success, meanwhile King Khan and Nick Mace have issues with each other, Khan wants the belt! Including Rob Long, Cupid Valentino, Staxx, Pogo, Iron Ryan, Brandon Grave and the KSW debut of Kid Flash.

Out for Blood
Injured and unable to compete, Nick Mace asks Carl Mizzery to defend the belt from number 1 contender Staxx, only after recently denouncing his hatred of the fans is Mizzery forced to once again “stomp his feet and clap his hands” to defend the belt, to do so would give him a title shot! Including Iron Ryan, Brandon Grave, Tyler Rayne, King Khan, Kid Flash and Cupid Valentino.

Night of Champions
Nick is on holiday, leaving the furious King Khan to face a mystery opponent, however Khan’s reaction to the loss of his title shot could now shake KSW. The Prophecy is running rampant, but can Tyler Rayne and Iron Ryan end the evil group’s run? Including Carl Mizzery, Staxx, Cupid Valentino and Kid Flash.
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The giant King Khan and monstrous Staxx have joined forces to become 2XL, making perhaps the most feared tag team in KSW to date. Of course, the manipulative and egotistical Carl Mizzery wants a piece of this action and he requests to join as a team for his Championship match against Nick Mace. Brandon Grave claims to have saved another soul and have a surprise for the UK Patriots.
Including Kid Flash, Big Badd Donaghan, Cupid Valentino and Pogo.
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Information and answerphone: 07833 555737