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Heros of Wrestling Charity Invitational 2: LWL vs HCW Results (22/04/07)

NWA UK Heavyweight Championship Match
Danny Shooter HCW Vs Draven Cage LWL Vs Conscience (c)

Draven Cage eliminated Shooter at the 8 minute mark by pinfall. Conscience got the win after making Cage tappout to the crossface.

LWL Title Match
Kade Callous (c) Vs Majik

In a fantastic match that spilled out of the ring and around the venue both men ended up counted out.

Team Sexay vs Jonny ‘The Body’ Costello and ‘Sick’ Nik Dutt
Sexay scored the pinfall over the veteran grappler Costello and his newcomer partner Nik Dutt in the funniest match seen in a wrestling ring in years.


When Maddog Maxx claimed that HCW was a better promotion than LWL a war of words was started. Across message boards and email, MSN and Skype, wrestlers from each promotion have debated about who is the best. And now this is their chance to prove it.

Dan Ryder LWL Vs Kid Kandy HCW
Kid Kandy got the pinfall victory of Ryder in a fast paced match.

Banner LWL Vs Sam Daniels HCW
‘The Brutal One’ made Daniels tap to the gammalock.

Marcus Kool LWL Vs Maddog Maxx HCW
In what was argued as match of the night (mostly by Maddog)

Steve Valentino & Lord Graham Thomas LWL Vs The Raging Bull & Aaron Blanchard HCW
The HCW tag team scored the victory over LWL after LGT turned on Valentino……well, Stevie should have known better than to trust Thomas.

Battle Royale Match for the Heroes Of Wrestling Challange Cup
The final two were dan and Steve Valentino and the two men had a joke telling contest before Ryder threw Valentino over the top and to the floor for telling a crap one.

Dan Ryder is the NEW Challange Champion

HCW 2 wins
LWL 3 wins!