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WWE: Raw Results (21/5/07)

The following is the results from Raw from

MOLINE, Ill. – Gauntlets were run, thrown and explained as Raw invaded the Quad Cities just 24 hours after Judgment Day.

After being screwed out of the ECW World Title at Judgment Day, Bobby Lashley had the opportunity to earn his rematch on Raw. To get the chance to face Mr. McMahon in a Street Fight at One Night Stand, all Lashley had to do was run the gauntlet and defeat four men in one night. Despite the odds, Lashley did just that, defeating Chris Masters, Viscera, Umaga and then Shane McMahon to earn another crack at the WWE Chairman on June 3.

The Great Khali also felt he was screwed at Judgment Day, explaining through his interpreter that his foot was under the ropes when he tapped out to John Cena’s STFU. The Champ, who never backs down from a fight, accepted Khali’s challenge for another WWE Title Match at One Night Stand…but for the fourth time in four weeks on Raw, Cena found himself beat down by the massive challenger.

Randy Orton, who may have ended Shawn Michaels’ career at Judgment Day, came to the Raw ring to explain exactly why he did so: “An injury is a bullseye, and I did what any professional would do…I exploited it,” said the cocky Legend Killer. Read the whole story…

Raw also saw a Judgment Day rematch, as Carlito got another crack at Ric Flair. While the teacher took the student to school at Judgment Day, the result was much different one night later. After the match ended in a double count-out when both men spilled to the floor, the Southpaw from San Juan viciously attacked his former mentor. Showing a total lack of respect, Carlito dropped Flair with a pair of brutal Backstabbers on the arena floor, sadistically targeting the back that has been Flair’s Achilles’ heel since being broken in a plane crash early in his career, before further disrespecting Flair by spitting apple in his face. Later this week, Carlito will hopefully explain his disrespectful and downright diabolical actions in an exclusive interview.

Speaking of different results, The Hardys received some help from an unexpected source. With The World’s Greatest Tag Team sitting in on commentary, Matt & Jeff defeated Johnny Nitro & Kenny Dykstra, but when Nitro, Dykstra, Benjamin & Haas attacked the World Tag Team Champions, Cade & Murdoch came out to help the team they had just challenged for the gold one night earlier. Once the scavengers were sent packing, Cade & Murdoch applauded The Hardys and raised their hands in victory, once again continuing to prove they have turned over a new leaf. Cade & Murdoch will shed some more light on their new attitude later this week in an exclusive interview.

The Divas were also in high demand on Raw this week. Candice Michelle scored an impressive win, pinning Women’s Champion Melina in a non-title match. Candice motioned that she wants the gold after defeating Victoria weeks ago, and that goal may be within closer reach after this win. Also, Ashley and company heated things up as she introduced the world premiere of Timbaland’s new video “Throw it on Me,” which features a half-dozen delicious Divas including Raw’s own Torrie Wilson.

  • Ric Flair vs. Carlito (double count-out)
  • Candice Michelle def. Women’s Champion Melina (non-title match)
  • Bobby Lashley def. Chris Masters (Gauntlet Match, first leg)
  • World Tag Team Champions The Hardys def. Johnny Nitro & Kenny Dykstra
  • Bobby Lashley def. Viscera (Gauntlet Match, second leg)
  • Bobby Lashley def. Umaga (DQ; Gauntlet Match, third leg)
  • Bobby Lashley def. Shane McMahon (Gauntlet Match, fourth and final leg)