CBlog 1

This is my first of these wrestling blogs (actually, only my second blog or so, ever and I did those on MySpace). Let’s hope that people will garner more interest and attention than my MySpace blogs. Okay, on to the world of the WWE.

Let’s start with the recent releases of a few of the WWE superstars at the hands of a promoted Stephanie McMahon-LeVesque. This is like a real-life version of the McMahon-Helmsley era. I was actually a fan of Shelly Martinez and her character of Ariel, that was kind of disapointing to me. Scotty 2 Hotty has been a jobber for quite some time. He’s like quite a few of the other WWE superstars (like Hardcore Holly, Val Venis, etc.) that are still around because they’ve had a lengthy tenure with the company. Vito being released is no big deal to me, but you have to give the man credit for going through with the dress gimmick. Sabu getting released was along time coming, but the WWE just seemed to drag their feet on canning Sabu. I guess they needed that extra jobber on ECW. It’s a relief that he’s gone, at least to me it is. It seems childish to me the way he complained about a neck injury so he wouldn’t have to put Thorn over, not to mention how he just didn’t show up ready to compete. One has to question whether or not TNA would really benefit from signing him, given his track record of being immature and an overall bad worker. On the other hand, it would be quite the coup for TNA to sign RVD, which is an inevitability at this point. Rob Conway was really the shocker for me, especially after I read the backstage news about his release. Rob did seem to be a good worker, but what I found odd is that Stephanie opted to release the good worker over Sylvan and Rene Dupree. Especially considering Dupree is in rehab. I was looking forward to the reunion of La Resistance (again) with Sylvan and Conway. The fact that Stephanie released Conway over Dupree and Sylvan is puzzling. I’m not sure why she released Nick Mitchell seemingly out of the blue, I mean, of all the former Spirit Squad members, why Nick? I’ll be truly happy when they release the “Miz”. I all-around hate him.
Although I haven’t watched all of Judgment Day 2007, it seemed like a decent PPV. MVP winning the U.S. Title had to happen, I mean, you can only have Benoit successfully defend the title so many times.
In regards to SmackDown’s championships, what is the story with Chavo Guerrero and the “Cruiserweigt Division”? Jimmy Wang Yang (another character I hate) has had an “upset” win over the champion about 3 times now, but every time, it never leads to anything. Chavo has had the title since February and has yet to defend the title even once.
This epidemic of injured superstars lately seems like some sort of cruel curse. I mean, Undertaker, Mr. Kennedy, Shawn Michaels, Gregory Helms, etc. have all suffered injuries. Granted, Kennedy really lucked out with his. Kennedy is rightfully livid about his misdiagnosis, if I was a wrestler and I was told I would be out for 6 or so months, but then it turned out to only be about 6 weeks. That’s a big difference. Kennedy would be the World Champion now if it wasn’t for that doctor. I Still look forward to the Edge/Kennedy feud. I like Edge as the World Champion, but Kennedy winning it from Edge seems more likely than him winning it from ‘Taker. WWE is losing some major starpower lately. I mean, Undertaker and Michaels going down with long-term injuries really hurts the main event scene. At least we can look forward to the return of Triple H. I’m not looking forward to Mysterio’s return. Mostly because he’ll likely be put back into contention into a World Heavyweight Title, which was absurd in the first place.
That’s all I can think of to put into this blog for now, let’s hope someone, anyone reads this. I’ll be back to write another blog soon and if you’re not down with that, I got Two Words For Ya…