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WWE Jobs Competition

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Wrestle the competition to win your own WWE Dream Job

According to thousands of guys vying for a dream job opportunity in a nationwide contest working for the WWE, is a guy’s most desired dream job – beating out testing exotic cars or finding the next hot cover model. Out of six fantasy jobs, working in the world of wrestling is the clear front runner in the Speed Stick 24/7 Dream Jobs contest aimed at helping people get a glimpse into some of the most competitive industry jobs.

The WWE is the most sought after career (56%), generating more than half of the entries and a wide lead over other popular choices. Maxim model scout and Car Domain exotic test car driver follow with 15% and 10% respectively.

So what has guys all excited about working at the WWE?

  • First-hand experience behind the scenes with the WWE and their Superstars
  • WWE Magazine / Superstar or Diva assistant at a photo shoot and get your picture taken with the featured star
  • Honorary time keeper for a WWE match
  • Help prepare for one of the WWE’s pay-per-view events
  • Serve as Fan Ambassador addressing mail and phone calls from WWE fans
  • Entire WWE job experience recorded and streamed around the globe on

Applications for the Speed Stick Dream Job Contest will be accepted through July 20, 2007 on