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wZw: Pro Wrestling training school re-opens in Newcastle

Press Release:

Wrestle Zone Wrestling Re-Launch the wZw Professional Wrestling Training School in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

The doors of wZw (Wrestle Zone Wrestling) are re-opening the training school and we are looking for the next generation of professional wrestlers. wZw one of the UK’s leading professional wrestling companies has decided to re open the training school with an aim to find some of the UK’s future pro wrestling stars. We have 3 Pro Wrestling trainers with over 25 years combined experience, who have also wrestled all over the world and against some of the worlds biggest named wrestlers. We also have a drama coach, fitness and dietician expert.

We have 1 permanently set up 16ft professional training ring, a separate show ring, (used on occasion when 2 ring training is required), full matted area, crash mats, video taping equipment, Mic’s and PA for promo work.

We are offering two free starter sessions that will be running this Sunday 12th and 17th August, training will start at 1.00pm and will last until 5.00pm. (All trainees must be ready to train at 1.00pm, so it’s advisable to arrive at the centre at 12.45). You have been invited along and see if you have what it takes to become a pro wrestler and for these two sessions it will be free of charge.

Questions and Answers

1. Who can join wZw Pro Wrestling Training?

We advise that the earliest age to start training is 12years old, and there is no upper age limit set. Both male and female trainees welcome. People of all shapes and sizes welcome.

2. What happens on a usual Training session?

We start off with a pretty intense fitness warm-up. It’s important that your body is warmed up before actually wrestling; this limits the chance of pulling and straining muscles. This warm-up can be a pretty intense and not many trainees can complete the whole warm-up on their first few sessions, do not worry if your not at your peak of physical fitness, part of the wZw training experience is professional advice and guidance on fitness and diet. Once you’re warmed up, break fall drills are taken in the ring, first timers will practice these on the crash mats. The session will then split into different groups, and things from the basic tie up to more advanced moves will be taught depending on experience. A short lunch break will be taken (please bring a light snack and drinks as there are no shops locally). After lunch we will continue to learn more moves and move sets, towards the end of the session a few of the trainees will be asked to put on a short match using the moves / move sets learned. Once these matches have finished we will have a short warm down and training will finish for 5.00pm

3. Do I need any special clothing or protective padding?

No is the simple answer, all you need is some tracksuit pants or shorts, t-shirt and clean indoor trainers. If you decide you want to continue training to become a professional wrestler after a few weeks we would advise you to purchase some elbow and knee pads (these cost from £10 – £25) and also some short boxing/mma training boots (from £15 – £50, These can be purchased from most sports stores).

4. Will I need to fill in any forms or register with wZw training?

Not for the first 2 weeks. How ever if you are under 16years old you will need a parent or guardian to fill in and sign our disclaimer and authorisation form. This can be printed out and brought with you or filled in and signed when you attend your first session. Every one will have to register with the wZw training school within 6 weeks of starting training. A £25 annual registration and insurance fee will need to be included with your registration.

5. How much will the training cost?

We are giving you the first 2 weeks free as an exclusive one time offer. After that each session will cost £8.00, this must be paid for prior to the session starting.

6. Do you have a grading system?

Yes, grading from Basic (6 grades), Intermediate (6 grades) & Advanced (Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards). As you progress though the grades you will be invited to take part in one of our New Breed Wrestling shows, these are training academy exhibitions and will be held at the training centre in front of a live audience, friends and family are invited along to watch, also the doors will be open to the general public. A number of Professional Wrestlers will grade each trainee and if each element is complete satisfactory then the grade will be awarded and presented the following week. (Certificates, Medals and Trophies depending on grade achieved).

7. How long before I can wrestle on a show?

Well again we are the only training school in the country that offer New Breed Wrestling Shows. A live show that features the trainees of the training school, these shows are free entry to the public and give our trainees the chance to wrestle like the professionals in front of a live crowd. These shows will be filmed and a copy of the show will be given to each trainee who takes part. These shows are scheduled to start again on Sunday 28th October 2007 with our ‘Halloween Havoc’ show. As each trainee develops they may be invited to take part in a dark match on one of our main shows that will be touring across the UK in 2007/2008, if they have passed all grading modules they may be invited to join the wZw roster and become a professional wrestler, this should be the aim and goal of all our trainees.