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WWE RAW October 1, 2007 Results

Match Results

  • 6-Man Tag:
    Jeff Hardy, Paul London, & Brian Kendrick def. Shelton Benjamin, Lance Cade, & Trevor Murdoch by Jeff Hardy pinning Lance Cade following the Swanton Bomb.
  • Hardcore Holly def. Cody Rhodes by pin following the Alabama Slam.
  • Special Guest Referee- Carlito:
    Mr. McMahon def. Triple H by DQ when Triple H attacks Carlito.
  • Mickie James (with a distraction by Hornswoggle) def. Melina by roll-up.
  • Non-Title:
    John Cena def. Mr. Kennedy (in his return to RAW) by submission to the STF-U.

Matches: Best To Worst

1) Jeff, London, & Kendrick Vs. Benjamin, Cade, & Murdoch
2) Mr. McMahon Vs. Triple H
3) Hardcore Holly Vs. Cody Rhodes
4) Melina Vs. Mickie James
5) John Cena Vs. Mr. Kennedy

My Thoughts

In case you didn’t catch it, a new SAVE_US.222 video debuted on this week’s RAW and featured some more information in code. From what I saw (I may go back and report additional sittings soon), I spotted the words "Savior" and "Grand Slam". Keep an eye out for it, I’m sure it’ll be all over the place.

After the McMahon/Triple H match got underway with Carlito as the Special Referee, I could see where it was heading (a DQ victory for Mr. McMahon, since he guaranteed it).

I enjoyed the new "Marella At The Movies" Segment. The Condemned parody was kind of funny. My line of the night was (after Marella mentioned Val Venis’ parody of Shrek): "You sonamugun, I can’t believe what you did to that poor donkey." Marella on the stick is gold.

I don’t like the guy, but I give credit to Steve-O for managing to do a little bit of acting on RAW. For whatever reason, RAW seemed a bit "off" to me. They had those technical difficulties up front for one. Although it took me a minute to understand it, I think the RAW and Steve-O cross promotion at the end was sweet. It was a cool transition from RAW to Dr. Steve-O. I was surprised that Ron Simmons said more than one word. I was a little confused by that. Simmons throwing Steve-O out of the exit and then cut to him flying was genius (whether intentional or not). I wonder if RAW will do this every week.

I was disappointed with the way Kennedy returned (as a jobber for Cena), but I cheered up a bit after Orton attacked Cena post-match. Good build towards No Mercy, but I think Cena should’ve bled. I honestly think that the table not breaking is more believable than the table just falling away. For the sake of humanity and the WWE Title, Orton better win the title on Sunday.