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Disgruntled Fans And Wrestlers Seek Out WrestleFanFest Promoter

The hunt is on for promoter Chris Salisbury following the complete sham that was WrestleFanFest. Wrestlers staging sit down protests, fights, no shows and bounced checks have been hitting the headlines all week, but what about the false advertising to the fans, lack of promised transport and the snatch and run of Gladiator Energy Drink’s investment? Galdiator forked out $300,000 for the event and will be seeking it back by any means necessary.

To put it bluntly, Salisbury has stolen an investment, ripped of the fans and not paid the wrestlers and once he’s found, lawsuits and legal proceedings will probably be ongoing for months.

Despite all of the bad publicity a lot of the stars including Steve Austin gave the fans what they came to see despite not being paid. Kudos.