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TNA: News on big name star coming soon

Source – Wrestling Observer Newsletter

At this point it is no longer a secret that Booker T is heading to TNA. We have now learned that he began talking with TNA management over the summer and that they had originally planned on bringing him and Chris Jericho in when Impact debuted at two-hours prime time. In reality everyone knew that Jericho was leaning towards WWE even though he did have several serious meetings with TNA.

Booker said he wanted to first leave WWE in July but decided to give it another shot. After he was moved to RAW and the whole Triple H deal happened, followed by a suspension, Booker decided to leave for good. It was known that the former WWE World Champion was happy working with the politic-free SmackDown brand, but was unhappy when he was moved to the politic structured, RAW. Booker had also made comments that said if he would have been drafted to ECW he would have quit on the spot.

Right now, Booker is being speculated as Sting’s mystery partner for Sunday’s TNA Genesis pay-per-view. While it is likely that he will make his debut, it is also possible that they will hold off keeping fans wondering so they will continue tuning in to Impact each week.