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Update on Hulk Hogan & American Gladiators

During Monday night’s episode of "Heroes", NBC announced that the new season of "American Gladiators" will premier on Sunday night January 6th, 2008. The remake of the popular early 90’s game show will feature wrestling star Hulk Hogan as a co-host. The announcement of American Gladiators airing on Sunday nights means that one of NBC’s other shows initially announced for Sunday nights in January will be bumped. At this point, it is unknown which show American Gladiators will be replacing – "Law & Order", "Medium" or the new show "Lipstick Jungle".

Hulk Hogan was spotted yesterday arriving at the Sony lot in Los Angeles, California for the first day of tapings for American Gladiators. As reported earlier, the show premiers on Sunday night January 6th. From the video footage of Hogan arriving, he appears to be in a great mood – you’d never know his wife is leaving him and his son is facing serious criminal charges! The Hulkster gave a shout-out to the television writers who were picketing outside the gates. NBC is busing in college students to be audience members. According to TMZ, NBC is paying the local colleges $10 for each student that shows up.

Note: It’s possible that Hulk may have been happy to get away from all the problems in his family at the moment.