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TNA: Sabu’s Return Called Off Due to Missed Flight

AdditionalSource: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Several weeks ago we reported that Sabu had showed up to a TNA iMPACT! taping looking for work and was turned away. New details have been released regarding that situation.

Sabu was scheduled to appear at the TNA iMPACT tapings two weeks ago but never showed up because he missed his flight.

During a segment when Abyss was getting beat down by Black Reign and Rellik, Sabu was supposed to run in and save Abyss. Because Sabu missed his flight, TNA instead had Rhino do the save. Sabu was also scheduled to work the next night’s iMPACT tapings, but by then TNA had already written him out of storylines and the general feeling was that he wasn’t needed anymore.

TNA had long-term plans for Sabu, but it won’t be until after the Turning Point PPV in December that they will consider bringing him in again.

Note: This is one of the many problems that Sabu had in WWE that lead to his release. He missed flights, did drugs, didn’t bring his gear and things of that nature. Granted, that was allegedelly due to Sabu being "unhappy" in the WWE.