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PTW: Official Statement On The Late Cancellation Of "BulletProof"

Thanks to Power Trip Wrestling for sending in the following:

All of us at Power Trip Wrestling want to apologise for the very late cancellation of PTW "BulletProof" last night. Due to reasons beyond the control of everyone involved, we had to make a judgement call at 5.45pm to postpone the show.

For the record, PTW officials and wrestlers who could do so, stayed around to speak to the fans, and signed posters of the show, and also free dvd’s were handed out; because we appreciated the fans who did come out in what was pretty nasty weather.

Much as we’re upset, sometimes you just have to chalk things down to the elements, and the fact that "these things happen".

On a positive note, we thank every person who has supported and been behind Power Trip Wrestling since we started in March of this year. We’ve had some great up’s, some down’s, and one thing we’ve always been – is loud. The other thing we are, and forever will be, is grateful for our fans and wrestlers.

The now legendary ‘PTW Office’ is now closed for Christmas & New Year, though emails, questions, booking related issues; and enquiries will still be answered. PTW Owner Peter Staniforth is set to face his fourth knee operation later next week, and will be offline somewhat; but we will be getting back to any correspondence as soon as is possible.

Thank you for 2007. Here’s hoping we can make 2008 even better!


Peter Staniforth
Power Trip Wrestling Promoter